Best Rug for Mudroom

best rug for mudroom

Mud season can be quite frustrating without the best rug for mudroom. Mudroom rugs will protect your floors and pick up dirt before it finds its way to the rest of the house.  And, since the mudroom is the first entry point in your home, you want a mudroom rug that is durable to withstand … Read more

Natural Fiber Rugs That Are Soft

natural fiber rugs that are soft

Do you enjoy the earthy texture, easy vibe, and durability of a natural fiber rug but hate that most are coarse and hard under your feet? If you are in this boat, we have some good news- you can get natural fiber rugs that are soft! We know that every one of your house’s occupants, … Read more

Rugs that Cats Can’t Destroy

rugs that cats can't destroy

Has your rug become just but a pile of ugly and messy loose fibers with your furry feline friends around? Then it’s time you invested in rugs that cats can’t destroy.  After all, cats cannot help their scratching-it a natural tendency. Moreover, your rugs so far haven’t been able to survive the cats’ sharpened daggers.   … Read more

Rugs for White Tile Floors

rugs for white floors

You have probably asked yourself  what  are the most suitable rugs for white tile floors. We have answers for you.Since white is a great base for many colors, you may be confused about going with a subtle rug or a dynamic and colorful one. You may also be wondering which rug will hold well on … Read more

Outdoor Rugs that Don’t get Hot

outdoor rugs that don't get hot

In preparedness for the next summer, you almost certainly wonder how and where to get outdoor rugs that don’t get hot. Worry not, for we are here to ensure you make an informed choice. We have done the hard lifting for you-sifting through loads of outdoor rugs to make your shopping easier. Whether hosting a … Read more