Rug Pads Safe for Vinyl Plank Floors [No Rubber]

rug pads safe for vinyl plank floors

For homeowners with vinyl floors, the strict no rubber or latex rugs and rug pads rule must be adhered to. And getting rug pads that are safe for vinyl floors can be frustrating. This is because most rug pads in the market are made of rubber to make them non slip.

Rug pads that are safe for vinyl floors are those that do not contain any trace of rubber in them. Otherwise you risk staining and discoloring your floors over time.

Luckily we have done the honors of scavenging the internet and rounding up rug pads that are safe for your vinyl floors. These will add cushioning to your rugs to make them cozy to step on and stop them from slipping that are safe for vinyl floors.

Quick List of Rug Pads Safe for Vinyl Floors

  1. Aurrako Non Slip Rug Pads Non Adhesive Rug Underlay
  2. IFRMMY Newest Felt and Silicone Area Rug Pad
  3. Rugpad USA Memory Foam Cloud Comfort Rug Pad

Reviews of Best Rug Pads Safe for Vinyl Plank Floors

Aurrako Non Slip Rug Pads Non Adhesive Rug Underlay

Are you looking for a rug pad without rubber or latex or adhesive that will not stain your expensive vinyl plank floors?

Or maybe you are looking for a rug pad to keep your area rugs from slipping around to avoid dangerous slipping accidents? Then the Aurrako rug pad is for you.

Key Features

  • Safe for use on vinyl plank flooring. It is made of premium Polyvinyl chloride material similar to the chemical used to make vinyl floors.
  • Does not contain any rubber that could stain your floors or reduce the quality of air in your home.
  • Non adhesive material which does not stain laminate, vinyl or hardwood floors.
  • Can be cut and resize the rug pad to fit all shapes and sizes of the rugs in your home
  • Super grippy rug pad enough to keep area rugs in place for a home with pets and kids running around.
  • Mesh design which allows air circulation between the rug and floors.
  • It is easy to clean and maintain by vacuuming.
  • Lightweight and easy to install and move around when you need to clean underneath your rug.

My Verdict: This is a high quality rug pad and yet affordable at the same time. It helps keep your area rugs flat by adding cushioning and support to slippery area rugs. What more would you ask for?

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IFRMMY Newest Felt and Silicone Area Rug Pad

If you are looking for a thick non slip rug pad that will hold your rugs in place  even with running pets and kids in the house or a dog who loves running around in circles we strongly recommend the FRMMY felt and silicone double sided rug pad.

It is made of felt material which is a textile material made of natural fibers such as wool or animal fur or synthetic materials like petroleum based acrylic or wood pulp. This makes it very safe to use on vinyl plank flooring. It will not stain or discolor your floors.

Main Features

  • Double sided rug pad which is made of silicone gel grips which will not stain your expensive floors.
  • Super strength gripper for area rugs Being double sided it sticks to your floors firmly and sticks to your area rug backing too. Keeping it EXACTLY where you placed it.
  • Non adhesive rug pad that does not leave behind sticky icky residue to floors.
  • The non adhesive rug pad is made of durable materials making it long lasting.
  • You can easily trim the rug pad to fit your area rugs.

My Verdict. The silicone and felt rug pad is very versatile for home projects. You can use it to make your couch, mattress, futon or rug non slip.

Rugpad USA Memory Foam Cloud Comfort Rug Pad

Rugpad USA is a popular brand in the rug pad market and this boils down to their determination to provide rug pads to keep area rugs in place in our homes. It is good to know their memory foam cloud comfort rug pad is safe for use on vinyl plank flooring. 

This is because memory foam is made of polyurethane and other additional materials to increase its density. This makes it very safe to use on vinyl plank floors which also have polyurethane finishes.

Main Features

  • Super comfy for a rug that is thin, this rug pad will add the much needed cushioning so that you feel like your walking on clouds- given the squish it adds to rugs
  • Very easy to cut with scissors to fit your area rug shape and size
  • Easy to vacuum clean the memory foam to keep it dust free and clean
  •  Does not emit any smell at all-making your air quality fresh and safe.

My Verdict: Although it is pricey it is worth every penny you spend on it, if you are looking to add some thickness to thin but beautiful area rugs.

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Features to look for in a Rug Pad Safe for Vinyl Floors


Do not buy a rug pad with any trace of rubber or latex because these will react with your vinyl floors as a result of friction and exposure to the sun. In turn, the gases released will stain and ruin your floors.

Consider getting a rug pad made of memory foam which is a material that contains polyurethane which is also used to finish vinyl floors. Rug pads made of PVC (polyvinyl chloride) and felt which is a man made material from natural fibers are also safe for vinyl floors.


For a thin area rug, you should get a thick rug pad to add some cushion to the rug. As for thicker rugs, get a thinner rug pad to avoid raising the height of the rug too high to avoid tripping over it.

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Ease of use.

The rug pad should be easy to cut with either scissors or a knife so that you can custom size it to fit your rug. This way you ensure the rug is covered all round to keep your floors safe.

Anti skid.

The rug pad should have anti slip features to prevent slipping accidents in your house.


The rule of thumb is that a rug pad should be 2” away from the edges of an area rug. Therefore you should get a rug pad large enough to fit your rug.


If you do not want to ruin your expensive vinyl flooring, then getting rug pads that are safe for your floors is very important. You need to avoid rug pads with rubber in them at all cost because they will stain and discolor your floors overtime. 

We strongly recommend the Aurrako Non Slip Rug Pad made from PVC which will not stain your vinyl floors or leave behind any mucky sticky residue. It will keep your area rugs exactly where you want them and avoid your dogs and kids from slipping on rugs.





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