Can You Use Ruggable Without the Pad

Ruggable rugs have grown in popularity in the past few years. After all, who doesn’t want a rug they can throw into the washing machine any time? With their growth in popularity comes many questions concerning their use. 

Can You Use Ruggable Without the Pad

The quick answer to your question- you cannot use ruggable without the pad. Why? While you may save some coins with the ‘no pad’ option, Ruggable, the manufacturing company, does not recommend using the cover without a pad. 

Without the pad, you will only have a slippery and ultra-thin blanket on your floor, which we believe is not something you desire.

Are ruggable cushion pads worth it?

If you are a fan of ruggable, you may have heard that they now have cushion pads. And you are wondering, are ruggable cushion pads worth it? Ruggable cushion pads are totally worth it. 

The cushioned pads provide that dreamy thickness and plush feel beneath your feet. They feature an additional middle layer made from 100% recycled polyester adding the pile to your ruggable cover. 

To give you a more specific image, the cushion pads are 2.5 thicker than the classic ruggable pad. So, with the ruggable cushion pads, you solve the challenge of a thin and uncomfortable classic ruggable pad. 

Can you use ruggable with a different pad?

You can definitely use ruggable with a different pad. Your classic ruggable pad may not offer sufficient protection to your floor. And allowing your floors to wear and tear is out of the question. A different pad that is thicker will add that additional layer of protection for your floors. 

You can also use ruggable with a different pad if you like enjoying that cushioned feel on your feet. The ruggable pad is too thin to give this comfort. And the cushioned ruggable pads come at a premium cost that may be out of your budget. 

But what should you look for when buying a different pad for your ruggable? 

A good pad for your ruggable should be thick to offer that firm and supportive cushioning beneath your feet. A thick ruggable pad will also better protect your floors from wear and tear. Since there are a variety of sizes, ask yourself, how much cushioning do you need? 

Be sure to check whether the rug pad has a nonslip backing. After all, you would dread a rug pad that causes your ruggable to keep moving all over your space.

And don’t forget to look at the size of the rug pad. We recommend getting a different rug pad that is smaller than your rug by 1 to 2 inches on all sides. Most importantly, consider the price. Remember that a pricey and well-cushioned rug pad may save you costs of repairing floors in the long run. 

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Alternative Rug Pads for Ruggable

Mohawk Home Dual Surface Rug Pad Grey Rug Pad, 1/4″ Thick

When hunting for alternative rug pads for ruggable, Mohawk is always a good place to start. Why? You will rarely go wrong with a Mohawk rug pad

The rug pad comes in a variety of size and thickness options. So you only have to select what is ideal for your space. And if you have any problem with the company’s size, you can easily trim your rug pad with a sharp pair of kitchen scissors or your utility knife. 

Its 3/8 or ¼ inch thickness coupled with the felt layer on top offers sufficient protection to your floors. Furniture dents on your floors will now be a thing of the past. And the latex backing ensures your rug stays in place without the occasional frustrating slipping. 

Non Slip Area Rug Pad – 2 x 8, 1/3″ Thick Dual Surface. 

Are you looking for that plush and nonslip alternative rug pad for ruggable? You found it with the Non Slip Area Rug Pad

Its top side features a plush ⅓-inch-thick felt layer allowing you to enjoy that cozy feel beneath your feet. The other side has a nonslip layer that will keep your ruggable rooted to the floor. Moreover, these two layers help reduce wear and tear, so you don’t have to worry about floor damage. 

You will also love that the rug pads come pre-cut to fit several sizes. But if you need to trim the rug pad for some reason, it will be a breeze with this rug pad using your kitchen scissors. 

If you are sensitive to smell, this rug pad may be annoying for the first few days. It releases a strong chemical-like smell, but it will be okay after a few days of airing.

MAYSHINE 4′ x 6′ Basics Felt + Rubber Non Slip Rug Pad

You don’t have to break a bank to get an incredible alternative rug pad for ruggable. And the MAYSHINE Rug Pad is proof of this. This rug offers great functionality at a budget-friendly size. 

It features a felt surface layer that strongly grips your rug while still providing that extra cushioning your feet and floors deserve. The rubber backing ensures that your rug stays in place. 

Better still, this rug pad will come in the most pre-cut sizes to fit your preferences. And if you need unique designs, a few minutes of DIY with your loyal kitchen scissors will give you the results you desire.

Most buyers are raving on and on about this rug’s endless capabilities. So, it is your time to hop onto this celebratory wagon! 

A quick reminder- ensure that the backing on your ruggable rug is not slick before pairing it with this rug pad. Otherwise, you may complain a lot that your rug slides all over the top. 

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FAQ on Can you use ruggable without the pad

Can you wash ruggable rug pad?

You cannot wash ruggable rug pads. But, you can spot clean your ruggable rug pad using bleach-free household disinfectants and soapy water. When washing, start by collecting any debris on your ruggable rug pad. Next, wipe any areas that need cleaning and hang your ruggable rug pad to dry. 

Are ruggable rugs too thin?

Ruggable rugs are too thin. They have a small pile such that when combined with the rug pad, they can achieve a height equivalent to 1/8 of an inch. But, their thin feature allows you to clean your ruggable rug easily. 

Do ruggable rugs shrink

And some more good news! Ruggable rugs don’t shrink. The trick lies in following Ruggable’s instructions on washing your ruggable rug. You should ensure that its machine washed separately in cold water using a mild, bleach-free detergent. We also recommend that you hang your ruggable rug to dry. But if you have to tumble dry, set your machine to the air fluff setting.

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