How Do You Fix Crumbling Rug Backing

rug backing crumbling

When a rug slides underfoot when trodden on, or strange small white, rubbery flakes form on the floor around the mat, it shows the backing has crumbled. Designers apply a liquid latex on the back of the rugs to keep yarn tufts from coming free and make the carpets less slippery on smooth surfaces.  If … Read more

How To Clean Stall Mats

how to clean stall mats

Stall mats, formally known as horse stall mats, are primarily designed to provide a comfortable floor for big animals, but beyond that, you can use them in roof walkways, fitness facilities, truck beds, and assembly lines. You need to be able to disinfect and clean your stall mat properly. Getting your stall mats clean is … Read more

How To Clean Outdoor Mat

how to clean outdoor mat

When preparing for a backyard get-together, people remember to wipe off the chairs and tables but overlook the outdoor mat. Mud and dirt from shoes, dust, smashed fruits, and ketchup stains may make the outdoor living space seem unappealing and have you wondering how to clean your outdoor mat. Thankfully, cleaning your outdoor rug is … Read more

How to Keep Outdoor Rugs in Place on Concrete

how to keep outdoor rugs in place on concrete

If you have outdoor rugs on your concrete patio, you must have found yourself always rearranging them because they easily get blown away by wind. Keeping your outdoor rugs in place should not be taking your time and energy. You can get them to stay put without any professional help. So, how do you keep … Read more

How To Clean Sassafras Mats

how to clean sassafras mats

Many homeowners use Sassafras rugs to welcome guests at the entryway. They are attractive and usually have a rubber backing with a skid-resistant reinforcement, but do you know how to clean sassafras mats? Sassafras mats, made of heat-sublimated polyester coupled with a rubber backing, should fit into Evergreen’s switch doormat bases. As a result, it … Read more