Pelican Creations Vinyl Flooring Reviews

For over 30 years, Pelican Creations Home has been offering flooring solutions to people in the United States. The company produces floorings like laminate, engineered hardwood, carpet tiles, accessories, and vinyl flooring products. 

Known for its revolutionary CushionTec flooring technology, Pelican Creations has been a frontrunner in product innovations. As we all know flooring solutions are becoming an important sector in the market today. 

This pelican creations vinyl flooring reviews guide looks into what the company has done, a few of their flooring products, and whether they’re up to the billing. 

Pelican Creations Vinyl Flooring Reviews

Rockwood Mountain Ash 7” x48” Floating Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring 


Actual Width           7 inches 

Actual Length          48 inches 

Thickness                 5 millimeter

Wear Layer Thickness 12 millimeter 

Coverage per Carton   18.91 square foot 

Collection                      Rockwood 

Color                              Mountain Ash 

Product Type                Floating Vinyl planks 

Style                               Wood grain 

Installation type           Floating 

Manufacturer Warranty       25 years 

Application                    Residential and Commercial 

Weight                            31.9 Pounds 

Listing Agency Standards     FloorScored Certified 

Package Quantity                  10 

Surface Texture                     Embossed 

Surface Finish                         Low gloss 

Return Policy                          Regular return 


The Rockwood Mountain Ash is a floating luxury vinyl plank flooring from Pelican Creations Home that offers great form and function. The vinyl flooring is super durable courtesy of the rigid core vinyl tiles – thus it’s a long lasting solution. 

The flooring boasts 100% waterproofing capability. What this means is that you can have it laid even in damp areas like bathrooms and kitchens where splashes and spills are imminent. 

Installing the Rockwood Mountain Ash vinyl flooring is quite easy and quick. And, it can be installed almost on every type of surface without any issues. 

The vinyl plank flooring is offered in Sandbar and Morning Haze patterns that display the perfect natural elements of stone. On top of the flooring is a smooth, stone-like finish that creates quite the picture in the space. 

The best part about this vinyl flooring is that it offers anti-microbial protection. This means you are not going to worry about problem allergies. Best of all, the Rockwood Mountain Ash vinyl flooring has a phthalate-free guarantee. 


  • Long lasting flooring solution 
  • Easy and quick to install 
  • Offers high durability


  • Discolors easily in direct sunlight 
  • Slippery when wet 

Overall, the Rockwood Mountain Ash vinyl flooring comes as one of the best vinyl floor solutions that displays high quality features and offers value for money. 

Birchmount SPC Rigid Core Waterproof Flooring 7”x48” Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring 


Wear Layer           12 Millimeter 

Brand                      Pelican Creations 

Width                     7 inches 

Length                    48 inches 

Coverage               18.91 square feet per carton 

Planks per carton    8

Pad Type                   1 millimeter attached pad 

Installation Type      Click-lock 

Type              Rigid 

Overall Thickness            5 millimeter 

Warranty                          5 years light commercial warranty, 25 years residential warranty 

Pelican Creations have not gone wrong with the Birchmount SPC Rigid Core Waterproof vinyl flooring. This flooring is top of the pile displaying great performance, exquisite elegance, and style. 

Coming with click-lock installation, putting this flooring into place is a cinch. You don’t require any use of adhesives. 

The flooring can be installed on any kind of floor – whether that’s hardwood floors or other types, it still goes into place nicely. Moreover, you don’t need an underlayment for this flooring. 

It’s durable, waterproof, and will last for years to come. It comes in two different types of patterns; mountain ash and birchmount both which highlight wood-spectrum light and dark hues. 

The flooring resembles real wood thanks to the wood-like embossments. This is a safe products free of phthalates and other harmful compounds that can cause allergies. 


  • Waterproof 
  • Durable 
  • Provides for antimicrobial protection 


  • Less comfortable underfoot 
  • Higher pricing 

Overall, the Birchmount SPC Rigid Core Waterproof vinyl flooring is the ultimate solution for commercial applications because it’s highly durable and built for high foot traffic by design. 

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Different Types of Vinyl Flooring by Pelican Creations Home

Pelican Creations Home produces different types of vinyl flooring. The main three types of this flooring include luxury vinyl tile (LVT), luxury vinyl plank (LVP) and sheet vinyl. 

These are made to suit different settings and depending on your preference. However, all of them combine strength and durability and style to define your space and make for an improved lifestyle. 

Luxury Vinyl Plank 

The luxury vinyl plank consists of long and narrow vinyl planks that mimic various wood flooring styles. They are thicker and more rigid for durability. Also, they are resistant to scratches and brushes which may occur accidentally. 

What makes them scratch resistant are additional layers that are added on the design sheet. Talking about the design sheet, LVP comes with a design layer composed of graphics that display a variety of colors and textures. These colors can range anything from light wood to grey and to whitewash. 

There are two ways to install this type of vinyl flooring. The first is the glued-down approach especially under toilets where you want the weight of the toilet to sit on the vinyl flooring. 

Then there’s the floating tongue and groove for click-lock installation. Actually, tongue and groove connections are extremely easy to install although you may not use them in certain applications. 

LVP flooring is waterproof. You can use them in bathrooms, kitchens, and other areas that are likely to get wet for one reason or another. They are also durable because of the four-layer construction they come with. 

Moreover, you can get intriguing colors and patterns of the luxury vinyl plank flooring. Whether you want herringbone or parque or chevron, you’re covered. 

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Luxury Vinyl Tile 

Another type of vinyl flooring by Pelican Creations Home is the luxury vinyl tile that looks the same as the LVP but with a tile shape and mimicking stone, porcelain, or ceramic tile. 

Built from several layers, luxury vinyl tile is thicker and more rigid. These qualities improve its durability and resistance to tear, wear, and serious foot traffic in your space. 

You’ll get incredibly realistic styles including natural stone designs and textures. Luxury vinyl tile is versatile. That’s why just like the LVP, it can be installed as a floating or glued-down vinyl flooring. 

Comparing the installation of the LVT flooring to the traditional tile, there’s every indication that LVT is way less labor-intensive, straightforward, and cost-effective. 

You don’t have to remove the existing floor to install luxury vinyl tile. It can be laid on top, so there’s no need of getting into more expenses. 

Because it is waterproof and durable, LVT is a perfect flooring choice for bathrooms, basements, and kitchens. 

Sheet Vinyl 

The last type of vinyl flooring features sheet vinyl. This has been the most popular type of flooring for a very long time even before the invention of the aforementioned versions.

Sheet vinyl is a budget-friendly product that also provides the authenticity you see in LVP and LVT. So, it can significantly improve your space aesthetics. 

Impressively so, installing sheet vinyl on the subfloor is the easiest work ever. However, your subfloor must be very stable and most of the times you want professionals to handle sheet vinyl installation. 

It’s not as scratch resistant as the other two – it’s much softer. Coupled by the inferior thickness it comes with, sheet vinyl may not be your best bet for comfort underfoot. 

You can get this flooring designed in different patterns, colors, and textures to allow you select from a wide collection. 

If you are looking for a vinyl flooring for children’s playrooms, basements, and craft rooms, sheet vinyl would definitely be a great choice. 

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How to Maintain Pelican Creations Vinyl Flooring 

  • It’s important to avoid water leakage around the outer edges of the flooring. If there’s a water leakage, clean it as fast as possible to avoid penetration in the lower layers. 
  • Make sure you sweep regularly to help remove dust and debris. 
  • Using a damp cloth or mop, clean any dirt and foot imprints on the flooring. 
  • You should avoid abrasive cleaners, polish, wax material, or any other agents that can discolor the finish of the flooring. 
  • You should also avoid much use of high heels as these kinds of shoes can damage the floor. 
  • If you use the vinyl flooring in your living room, make sure your furniture legs have caps to avoid distortions. 
  • On entryways, you can use doormats to further protect the floors from discoloring. 
  • You also need to avoid exposing the vinyl floors in direct sunlight as this can fade away its colors and hues. 

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Final Thoughts

In this pelican creations vinyl flooring reviews guide, you’ve probably learnt a few things that can be of help. Pelican Creations vinyl flooring come in a variety of styles to suit different consumer needs. 

Depending on what’s perfect for you, there’s the luxury vinyl plank flooring. This is premium vinyl flooring type suitable for high-end applications. The same applies to the luxury vinyl tiles. You also have the sheet vinyl which is the best for low budgets. 

Check out the two models reviewed above to find out how they fit in your flooring plan.

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