Natural Fiber Rugs That Are Soft

Do you enjoy the earthy texture, easy vibe, and durability of a natural fiber rug but hate that most are coarse and hard under your feet? If you are in this boat, we have some good news- you can get natural fiber rugs that are soft!

We know that every one of your house’s occupants, including your furry friends, deserves a soft and cuddle-worthy rug under their feet. So this time, we are here to ensure you get what you desire. 

We will show you luxuriously soft natural fiber rugs. You only need to scroll on and get your best choice for natural fiber rugs that are soft. 

Review of natural fiber rugs that are soft

nuLOOM Belini Hand-Tufted Wool Area Rug

The quality rugs from nuLOOM are drool-worthy, and this nuLOOM Belini Hand-Tufted Wool Area Rug is no exception. The rug is colorful, adding that unique touch to your floor. It’s made of 70% wool and 30% viscose, ensuring that you enjoy the luxurious softness of a natural fiber rug. 

Its thickness and hand-tufted construction assure you that it is built to last. You won’t have to think about going back shopping for a natural fiber rug that is soft soon. You will also love that it instantly lays flat after unpacking it. A feature you will rarely find in most rugs today. 

On the downside, you may have to contend with balls of shed in your house. But it’s a wool rug, and it’s normal for them to shed. Regular vacuuming will help you with this problem. It can also be a bit heavy if you need to lift it. So you made some help.


  • Colorful and unique
  • Built to last
  • Luxuriously soft underfoot
  • Rug will easily lay flat
  • Super thick


  • Sheds a lot
  • Heavy 

Safavieh Montauk Collection  Handmade Cotton Area Rug

If you are looking for a soft, friendly natural fiber rug to grace your floor, then this Safavieh Area rug is your perfect find. It’s made from premium cotton, assuring you a blend of comfort and that soft feel underneath your feet.

Getting a natural fiber rug that is soft and doesn’t shed is like looking for a needle in a haystack. The good news is, we found that needle in this rug. It is flat-woven with a 0.25-inch pile height which does not give the surface material to shed.

Better still, this rug features a transitional pattern that will match any décor in your space. So, if you decide to get one of these, there is no need to fret about your current décor. And you can do a happy dance since this rug is fairly priced with all its immeasurable benefits.

Because we tell it as it is, you will hate that this rug is not easy to clean. Some users have complained that it turns pink once you spot clean.


  • Extra-soft underneath your feet
  • Do not shed
  • Transitional patterns to match any décor.
  • Fairly priced


  • Not easy to clean

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Safavieh Natura Collection Handmade  Wool & Cotton Area Rug

Another one of Safavieh’s incredible creations, the Safavieh Natura Collection Area Rug, introduces that blend of beautiful colors and texture. The rug is made from a blend of wool and cotton, which cuddles your feet underneath due to the softness. 

Its durability should not be a point of worry with its thick wool pile, assuring you that it can withstand long durations even in high-traffic areas. 

And now, to one of the most important things, cleaning. If you are a clean freak, you are probably looking for an easy to clean rug. After all, even the smallest stain will have you uncomfortable. You can shake this rug outside or use dry rug shampoo to vacuum it later and, your rug will be as good as new.

you might not like that this rug sheds a lot, more like a German shepherd. Be sure to vacuum this rug regularly, and all will be well. You might also need to add a rug pad underneath this rug to prevent it from ‘dancing’ around your floors.


  • Soft 
  • Beautiful colors and texture
  • Durable
  • Easy to clean


  • The rug sheds
  • It slides and slips on the floor.

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nuLOOM Elijah Natural Seagrass Farmhouse Area Rug, 3′ x 5′, Dark Grey

If you are looking for a natural fiber rug that is not wool soft but still soft underneath your feet, then you are in luck with the nuLOOM Elijah Natural Seagrass Farmhouse Area Rug. The rug is woven less tightly and has a more textured pattern making it soft under your feet.

It’s also easy to clean. You can spot clean or vacuum clean it depending on the amount of dirt on your rug. The 100% seagrass used in making it makes it quite durable. You will not be back rug hunting for the next few years with this incredible rug.

As the company recommends, you may not like that you have to pair it with a nonslip rug pad. But, hey, look at the positive side; the company has let you know this beforehand. So, you understand what you have to do to keep your rug in place.   


  • Soft 
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Durable


  • You will need to pair it with a nonslip rug pad

Safavieh Border Herringbone Seagrass Accent Rug

Simple yet packed with details, the Safavieh Natural Fiber Collection NF115C will offer you more than meets the naked eye. The rug will offer any natural space in your house that earthy, rustic, and natural look. 

Compared to other seagrass rugs, this one is softer. It’s not cashmere-soft, but it’s manageable. And you will not have a hard time cleaning or maintaining this rug as you can spot or vacuum clean it. It’s also definitely built to last with its 100% seagrass material.

We hate to break it to you, but you might re-think getting this soft natural fiber rug if you are a cat owner. As cats claw, they may pull out the intricately woven seagrass fibers ruining your beautiful and soft natural fiber rug. 

This rug will also slide a lot. So, you may need to purchase a nonslip rug pad to place underneath this rug to keep it in place.


  • Doesn’t shed
  • Soft underneath your feet
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Durable


  • It’s a no-go zone for cat owners
  • You will need to purchase a nonslip rug pad

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Well, there you have it-the best natural fiber rugs that are soft. However, a simple reminder before we wish you all the best in your rug hunting. While getting natural fiber rugs that are soft may be your priority, your reasons should not stop there.

Be on the lookout for other reasons and features such as pet friendliness (clawing cats) and your budget. They can be a deal-breaker, and getting back on the rug hunting trail after a few weeks is no one’s cup of coffee. 

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