Outdoor Doormat That Doesn’t Hold Water [ Review 2021]

get an outdoor doormat that does not hold water

After using regular door mats on my front door that trapped water my wooden deck started showing signs of mold. That’s when I decided to hunt for a door mat that doesn’t hold water.

In this article we have reviewed for you some cute designs that combine the wrought iron pattern with plenty of open spaces to wipe off dirt and snow. They are made of recycled rubber which is durable enough to withstand harsh outside weather.

Read on to select the one that will suit your fancy to catch all the dirt and grime off the bottom of shoes.

Quick List of Top Picks

  1. DII Rubber Lattice Outdoor Doormat 
  2. Kempf Rubber Scroll Doormat Rectangular
  3. Half Moon Rubber Scroll Doormat 

Best Outdoor Doormat That Doesn’t Hold Water

DII Rubber Lattice Outdoor Doormat 

This is a thick rubber mat that doesn’t hold water and can withstand blustery days outside. If you are looking for a mat that will not sit like a soggy sponge on your front door the DII Lattice is what you should get for your porch.

Main Features

  • Material: It is made of a very durable recycled rubber that is chemically treated against rotting and mildew growth. It will not disintegrate when exposed to rain, heat or humid conditions. 
  • Design: It has a cute lattice design which will allow water to drain away and hole to let dirt go through easy. The rubber is raised so the dirt won’t get dragged into the house.
  • Size: It is available in 3 sizes , the smallest being 18” by 30” which is large enough and  easy to pick up and sweep the dirt away.
  • Easy to clean. This must be the easiest door mat to clean and maintain in the history of door mats because debris goes through it, water too. And because it is fairly light to yank off and sweep the dirt underneath…if any gets trapped in between you can hose it off with a garden hose and it is good as new!
  • Inexpensive. The doormat is truly inexpensive and of high quality. You get great value for your money too because you can use it all year round.

My Verdict: Highly recommending this door mat for a porch with no roof, it lets water through, very sturdy, doesn’t slip around and not a pain to look at either.

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Kempf Rubber Scroll Doormat Rectangular

If you value aesthetics as much as we do, then you will love this Kempf rubber scroll mat for your front door. It has a beautiful scroll faux iron wrought design which is attractive and welcoming.

Main Features

  • Non slip: It does not slip , slide or move on all kinds of flooring – be it wood, concrete or composite decking. The rubber anchors to any surface extremely well.
  • Durable material: It sits on my back deck which is uncovered and is handling very well binge exposed to the harsh outside weather.
  • Scrapes off dirt: It does a fantastic job of scraping dirt off shoes while allowing for efficient water drainage. It does not only trap any water but debris too…because all door mats that I had in the past would get slimy underneath
  • Size and weight: It is lightweight and easy to pick up to clean the debris underneath it. It has not budged despite being outside on blustery days or blown away by strong winds
  • Great for all kind of surfaces: from wood and even composite decking which can get a little slippery when wet
  • Easy to maintain, rain goes right through it, it doesn’t collect dirt, just picks up, hits it and it’s clean.
  • Inexpensive. It is so well priced because other similar products to this are so very overpriced. 

My Verdict. This doormat looks great and ties up a porch very well, not cheap looking at all. It does a fantastic job of removing dirt from shoes while allowing efficient water drainage.

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Rubber Scroll Doormat Half Moon

The one word for this doormat is that it looks GREAT. It is a god looking half moon design scroll doormat to add some element to your front or back door, your porch and deck.

Main Features

  • Design. The design is elegant and perfect because it lacks the rectangular corners that easily curl up and trip people over.
  • Size. It’s a good size for a door which doesn’t get a whole lot of traffic and also thick enough to last you a few years.
  • Material. It is made of 100% recycled rubber that does not fade out in the scorching sun or start cracking up under harsh winter weather.
  • Easy to maintain. You can either scrape off dirt from it or simply hose it down when it gets super dirty due to mud build up.

My Verdict: If you are looking for an elegant looking doormat that drains water, then highly consider getting this half moon scroll door mat, it will not disappoint your décor efforts.

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For homeowners looking for an outdoor doormat that doesn’t hold water, rubber is the best material to look out for when shopping for one.

The three we have reviewed are nice looking, won’t crack from harsh sunny weather or winter and it wiped off sludge well without issues. In addition, it will not fade or lose it’s rich black color from exposure to sun rays -they are built for the outdoors



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