Outdoor Rug that Doesn’t Hold Water [ Review 2021]

outdoor rug that doesn't hold water

If you do not want to end up ruining your wooden deck or patio then you will need to use an outdoor rug that doesn’t hold water.

The best material for an outdoor rug that will not hold water is plastic rather than polypropylene because plastic will not soak in any moisture.

The market is flooded with outdoor rugs and choosing one can get tedious quickly but not to worry, I am going to share an outdoor rug you will love.

Outdoor Rug that Doesn’t Hold Water

Home Dynamix  Outdoor Area Rug

If you are looking for an outdoor rug that will repel water, then what you should get is this polyester Home Dynamix Area Rug. Best of all, it is silky  soft on your bare feet for an outdoor rug.

Main Features

  • Polyester. This is a lightweight material which does not trap in water and hence will not soak in moisture. It is very safe for all kinds of decks, wooden and composite.
  • Easy to maintain. You only need to sweep off leaves with a broom. And for BBQ sauce stains just wipe them off with a damp cloth. When it gets super dirty you can simply hose it down and it is as good as new.
  • Resistant to stains. If you have a boisterous dog or an active toddler, you don’t have to worry about sauce spills or mud stains. They will come right off.
  • Super stylish. This rug is available in super bright colors and stylish patterns which gives your deck or patio some character. Am sure you will get one for your style.
  • Fade resistant. You can be sure this rug will maintain its color even under hot desert temperatures. Polyester is fade resistant although it is subject to matting.
  • Affordable. This rug is of high quality, stylish and yet affordable at the same time.

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Smart Design Reversible Outdoor Plastic Rug 

If you are looking for an outdoor rug that will not absorb water when it rains and is very low maintenance then this recycled plastic rug mat is exactly what you need.

Main Features

  • Material. The rug is made of plastic which is a material that will not soak in water or trap water between the deck and the backing. The material can last any weather outside , even 100 plus degrees of California sun.
  • Reversible. The rug is reversible so it’s like paying for two rugs at the price of one-which is such a deal in my books.
  • Super easy to clean and maintain, you can choose to sweep off leaves with a broom or hose it down occasionally when it gets super dirty
  • Colorful. The colors of this rug are vibrant and do not fade -so this will look as beautiful after surviving harsh sunny days. The colors hide dirty very well,  even the white on it does not get dirty or dingy like one would expect.
  • Dries quickly so even after a stormy rainy night, come morning your rug is as dry and clean. It dries quickly when you clean it up or hose it down.
  • Durable It is a double weave, very durable and strong weaving for an outdoor rug that will survive harsh outside weather. The rug is available in several sizes so you can get one to fit your space to your liking.
  • Storage Case. It comes with a carry case for easy packaging when you go for the beach, picnic or camping. The little cute storage bag it comes with makes it easy for storage during the winter.
  • Affordable for the size and you love that it is an upcycled material, so you get to reduce waste in the environment. It is a beautiful outdoor rug that brightens up the space giving you cool and chill vibes

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An outdoor rug that doesn’t hold water is what you should get for a wooden deck to avoid water getting trapped and rotting the wood. Outdoor rug materials that repel water include polyester and recycled plastic mats. They dry quickly and are very easy to maintain.


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