Best Doormat for Dirt [2021]

best doormat for dirt

Shopping for the best doormat for dirt that is effective in keeping all the dirt from outside from making an appearance inside your home is a hustle. And we are not even kidding. 

Mostly because the market is flooded with many brands and types making the choosing even harder. That is why we have done the heavy lifting and made your search way easier with this review. 

The most important feature to look out for is the material of the doormat and the pattern of the fibers. A doormat with a dense fiber concentration does well in scraping dirt off shoes and keeping in dirt off surface level. You will not miss one that is suitable for your space from the five we have reviewed below.

Check Out Our Top 3 Picks

  1. Clean Machine Astroturf Doormat
  2. BEAU JARDIN Washable Doormat
  3. Gorilla Grip Original Indoor Mat

Review of the Best Doormat for Dirt

Clean Machine Astroturf Dirt Trapper Doormat

The Clean Machine Astroturf  is a dirt trapper doormat that is made of dense astro turf (plastic material) fibers that work double hard in scraping off dirt from shoes. The doormat is able to account about 1 pound of sand and dirt below surface level and prevent tracking in of dirt into your home.

Best of all it is mod, mildew and fade resistant which means it can work super well both as an indoor or outdoor doormat. And cleaning and maintaining it even easier. Simply shake off the dirt and sand off it outside weekly or depending on the foot traffic. And for a general clean you can hose it down with a garden hose.

We highly recommend this doormat if you are shopping for an all season doormat to get rid of dirt from shoes. It is also heavy duty and weighs about 4 pounds so it won’t be blown away by stormy winds. In addition it has a non slip recycled rubber backing and binding all round. All you would ever need in a doormat basically.

Gorilla Grip Original Indoor Doormat

For those who prefer low profile door mats that will not interfere with closing and opening of the door, this Gorilla Grip Doormat will be a perfect fit. It is made of a plastic material with a mesh design that is effective in cleaning dirt off your shoes.

Best of all, it’s water resistant so it will work super well for snow or outdoors when it rains. So you can use it as an all season doormat. Which also makes cleaning and maintaining it easy. You can shake off the dirt outside or vacuum clean it.

This doormat is  heavy duty with a rubber border which makes sure it stays put on floors. It’s available in 13 different colors for your choosing and available in two sizes. We are sure you will not miss one to match your décor and style perfectly.

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Amabageli Outdoor Doormats

When you are shopping for a doormat but are on a tight budget, Amabageli Doormats are what you should go for. They come in a pack of 2 at a super attractive price which is honestly hard to come by in the market. Definitely a deal you should snag if you are not planning to spend a lot.

It is made of artificial grass fibers with rubber snubs in the middle which make it super effective in scraping dirt off your shoes. And a non slip backing made from 100% natural rubber to make it stay put.

You can rinse the doormat with a garden hose, use a handheld vacuum or sweep dirt off it with a broom. We highly recommend this doormat if you’re out looking for a budget doormat that can serve you all year round.

BEAU JARDIN Indoor Doormat 

The Beau Jardin Indoor Doormat if for those who prefer machine washable doormats. It is made from super absorbent cotton material which makes it effective in wiping off dirt, mud, snow or water off your shoes. 

It is available in 3 sizes and comes in more than 7 colors for your choosing to match your personal space. It’s good to know that it has a non slip backing to keep it secure and prevent any unprecedented slipping accidents.

Highly consider getting this doormat if you are looking for a machine washable doormat. It is not only easy to clean but stylish and super price friendly. With over 4,000 customer ratings , it is one of the most popular doormats in the market today.

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M + A Waterhog Fashion Indoor/Outdoor Doormat

Unlike all the doormats on this list this is a M + A waterhog doormat made from polypropylene which is suitable for outdoor use because it dries super quickly. It has a unique ridged construction which is effective in getting in between shoe threads to get rid of the junk. And store below surface level.

The doormat is durable and long lasting as the face snubs are reinforced with rubber. Which makes them strong enough not to crush down under high traffic use. This maintains high performance and extends its product life.

We highly recommend this doormat if you are looking for a waterhog doormat that is effective in getting rid of dirt. It is not adversely affected by snow or ice melting. You can choose from the more than 10 colors available and sizes.

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Getting the best doormat for dirt in the sea of doormats in the market today can take some digging. Luckily we have done the gold searching for you to ease your search. 

The most important feature to look out for is the material and design of the doormat. We strongly recommend doormats made from synthetic materials like polypropylene with some bristles to help in cleaning in between shoe threads. 

And this Clean Machine Astroturf Dirt Trapper will not disappoint. It’s made of dense astro turf fibers which are super effective in getting rid of dirt which then goes below the surface to avoid tracking it in by the net person.


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