How To Clean Outdoor Mat

When preparing for a backyard get-together, people remember to wipe off the chairs and tables but overlook the outdoor mat. Mud and dirt from shoes, dust, smashed fruits, and ketchup stains may make the outdoor living space seem unappealing and have you wondering how to clean your outdoor mat.

Thankfully, cleaning your outdoor rug is straightforward because they mainly consist of synthetic materials that can withstand a lot of dirt, wetness, and sunlight. You may shake the debris off the mat, sweep it, or vacuum it up.

Fortunately, outdoor mats are designed to withstand the environment, dry rapidly, prevent mildew and mold, and resist fading. This easy-to-read post gives more details about how to clean your outdoor mat and answers some of the questions you might have concerning the same.

Why Clean Your Outdoor Mat?

Your outdoor mat has seen every foot and paw that has walked through the door. Consequently, it traps everything from allergies to road debris to decaying leaves and mulch.

Routine maintenance can help you keep debris and dirt at bay. 

Buy an outdoor mat that is washable and efficiently eliminates dirt from paws and shoes. Before entering your home, check that it is lengthy enough to tread on with both shoes.

How To Clean Outdoor Mat

We frequently use outdoor mats as catch basins during backyard gatherings to soak up iced tea spills, ketchup burger juice, and whatever else you eat or drink outside the house. As a result, they’ll demand cleaning, and here is how to do that. 

1) Shake The Debris Off

Grab your mat and shake it vigorously. You’d be shocked at how much debris comes off the rug. It is preferable to do this with a buddy. 

One person stands on either side of the mat and shakes it vigorously until it is clear of particles.

If the mat is too big to handle on your own, lay it over a railing or a stepladder. Hit the mat with a bat, tennis racket, or whatever you have handy. 

Remember to hit both sides of the mat to help increase longevity.

2) Vacuum The Outdoor Mat

Step one will leave a coating of dust on your mat. Take a vacuum and clean the two sides (professionals recommend you vacuum it every few weeks). 

It may take some time to detect dirt and particles on your mats, but moisture or rain will push them to the surface. 

3) Sweep

Sweeping low pile or flat weave mats regularly helps maintain the mat clean. Unfortunately, sweeping does not clear dirt, so experts advise vacuuming the outdoor mat regularly to remove the dirt left behind. 

4) Rinse It Off

Get the garden hose and start working. Rinse the mat until the water runs clear.

Rinsing on a sloping surface, such as a side yard or a driveway, allows the water to drain. 

5) Soap The Mat Up

Fill a bucket with water and add a tiny bit of soap or special carpet cleaner. Check the manufacturer’s guidelines for cold or warm water. 

To remove stubborn stains, use a paste of sodium bicarbonate and hydrogen peroxide.

Start cleaning with a soft-bristled brush dipped in the soap mixture. Move from one extreme to the other, lathering the mat. Outdoor mats take a lot of abuse but don’t go overboard. Excessive scrubbing in the same area might cause the fibers to wear out.

6) Rinse It Again

Rinse the mat after lathering it. Ensure that you remove all the soap and have clean runoff water. 

It may require many rinses, contingent on how much detergent you used.

7) Dry Your Outdoor Mat

After cleaning your outdoor mat, lay it flat to dry. If you lay it over a railing, it may lose its design.

It’s best to place it somewhere sunny. Turn it over and dry the rear side after the top feels dry. 

The mat may stiffen up after drying. Allow some time for it to get softer.

8) Keep It For Next Season

You must keep your mat before the severe winter conditions set in. The undemanding approach is to roll it up so that the rug side faces outside. 

Rolling the mat in the other direction will cause it to curl vertically and become a tripping hazard. The mat will lie flat after some time.

Can You Use A Pressure Washer To Clean Your Outdoor Mat?

You can clean your rug using a pressure washer, provided you adjust the water pressure to the minimum pounds per square inch (PSI). You can employ it at the rinsing stage to help speed up the process. 

Switch the nozzle to the fan mode and sweep your mat from one end to the other. 

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How To Spot Clean An Outdoor Mat

If only a few parts of your outdoor mat require cleaning, spot cleaning will do the magic. Follow the steps below:

  • Wet your mat thoroughly with a hose or bucket of water.
  • Combine a small amount of detergent or carpet cleaner with cold or warm water. 
  • To ensure that the soap does not harm the mat’s color, try the soap combination on a small section of the carpet. Allow the soap to rest for a few minutes before properly rinsing it off. 
  • If the color does not fade, you can clean the whole rug. 
  • Use a gentle scrub brush to lather the soap and water mixture into the mat. Allow the soap to stay on the mat for a few minutes before rinsing it.
  • Ensure that you have thoroughly washed away the soap and that clean runoff water ensues.
  • Roll the mat tightly and set it upright for a few minutes to eliminate excess water. 
  • Leave the mat to dry on a flat surface.

NOTE: Two outdoor mats will stand the test of time if properly maintained. Olefin, acrylic, propylene, and nylon make brightly colored synthetic mats. 

When wet, most varieties appear clean. But once dry, the dirt gets to the surface. 

Natural mats are good picks for texture and longevity, but avoid leaving them in as much dampness as synthetic rugs. 

Although outdoor carpets are mildew and mold resistant, the moisture and dirt that collect on them are how these bothersome fungi can emerge. 

Furthermore, it’s best to use a single cleaner that can handle anything from food to grease stains to mildew odors. Simple Green All-Purpose Cleaner is a multi-purpose cleaner, degreaser, odor remover, and stain remover that effectively removes grime and dirt from washable surfaces.

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FAQ on How to Clean Outdoor Mat

1. Can You Power Wash Outdoor Rugs?

Cleaning outdoor carpets with pressure washing is the quickest and easiest method. This procedure works well for removing algae, moss, mold, and dried-on gunk from outdoor carpeting. 

2. Can Outdoor Rugs Be Left In The Rain?

Outdoor mats are made to stay all year round and can endure the elements such as rain, sun, sleet, and snow. 

3. Can You Hose Off Outdoor Rugs?

You may wash outdoor mats with a hose on either side. For very stained rugs, use a light soap. 

It’s preferable to rinse the mat on a sloping surface, such as the driveway, so the water drains. 

4. Can You Clean A Coir Doormat?

The manufacturer recommends you wash the outdoor coir mat by hand alone. The brand discourages washing the mat using washing machines since it would harm the mat and maybe the washing machine as well. 

Experts do not recommend steam washing a coir doormat since it can ruin the mat. 

5. What Is The Point Of Outdoor Rugs?

An outdoor mat serves the same role as an inside area rug: it unifies your seating area into a single, appealing, and pleasant environment. It demonstrates attention to detail and allows you to build individual yard designs. 

6. Why Do Outdoor Mats Fade?

Your outdoor mats should endure for years without deteriorating or wearing out. If you subject the rugs to sunlight all day, they will be under pressure from wind, snow, rain, and ice. 

However, you can find non-fading outdoor mats in the market. 

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Concluding Thoughts 

From the article, cleaning an outdoor mat is not a daunting task. The procedure outlined above will help you rid your mat of dirt and debris and help prolong its longevity. 

For more clarification, check the manufacturer’s guidelines. 

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