How to Use Double Sided Carpet Tape [Step By Step Guide]

how to use double sided tape

Well if you have a double sided carpet tape and are wondering how to use it, this article is for you.

Double sided tape has two adhesive surfaces. One is exposed as soon as you unroll the tape which you stick to the floor surface and the other is covered with a plastic paper that will stick to the carpet surface. So how do you use double sided carpet tape?

Using double sided carpet tape on carpet tile

  • Make sure the floor you will stick the carpet tape is clean and dry.
  • Remove any debri or hanging threads from the back of the area rug or carpet tile you are to stick to the floor.
  • Unroll the double sided carpet tape and stick it to the back of your carpet tile if you are sticking carpet tiles to your floors.
  • Cut the tape piece using scissors and leave some room at the end to prevent overlapping in the case of a carpet tile. DO NOT remove the sticky side first
  • Once you are done laying the double sided tape on the carpet tile on all four sides.
  • Peel off the plastic paper back to expose the adhesive side which will stick to the floor.
  • Now lay the carpet tile and press firmly for it to hold and move to the next tile in the same procedure.

Using double sided carpet tape on an area rug

  • Make sure the backing of your area rug and the surface you will tape it to is dry and clean too.
  • Get the measurement of your area rug and mark on your floor where you will stick the tape
  • Tape the sticky side to the floor exactly where you marked it all round but DO NOT remove the liner at this point.
  • Get your area rug and place it back as you peel off the upper liner.
  • Press firmly once done for it to hold.

Does double sided carpet tape damage carpet?

You must use a double sided tape which uses the best glue adhesive that is safe for carpet. Otherwise some glue used by some carpet tapes in the market today can ruin your carpet. That is why you must be very careful while shopping for a double sided tape to stop rugs creeping on carpet.

The only carpet tape which I recommend is XFasten Double Sided Carpet Tape which uses pressure sensitive silicone adhesive. Silicone does not leave residue, discolor your carpet or floor and is mold and mildew resistant.

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How do you remove double sided carpet tape?

Double sided carpet tape is fairly easy to remove. Just peel off with your hand. In the case where it gets too hard to remove. 

Do not force it, rather apply some heat over it using a hair dryer to soften the adhesive underneath. Then peel off with your hand, otherwise you risk damaging your carpet.

Does carpet tape leave residue?

Some carpet tapes use substandard glue or adhesive which leaves behind a mucky residue on your floors. If you are looking for a carpet tape that will not leave residue check out the XFasten Double Sided Carpet Tape. It is safe to use on laminate, hardwood and vinyl floors and won’t ruin your expensive carpet or rugs.

Carpet Tape vs Glue

Carpet tape is very easy to install and peel off by hand as compared to glue which is messy to use. In addition, glue can damage your carpet as compared to carpet tape which is specifically formulated for carpet.

It will not discolor or ruin your carpet. Carpet tape also uses wood safe adhesion which will not damage your expensive hardwood floors.

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It may seem simple but how to use double sided tape the right way, you have to be keen to avoid a mess. Juts follow the steps as we have discussed above.

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