How to Keep Outdoor Rugs in Place on Concrete

how to keep outdoor rugs in place on concrete

If you have outdoor rugs on your concrete patio, you must have found yourself always rearranging them because they easily get blown away by wind. Keeping your outdoor rugs in place should not be taking your time and energy.

You can get them to stay put without any professional help. So, how do you keep outdoor rugs in place on concrete? Here is a quick step by step guide on how to keep your outdoor rugs in place on concrete.

  • First you need a heavy duty rug tape that sticks to concrete.
  • Clean and dry your concrete floor and rug backing.
  • Measure your rug size all round.
  • Mark your concrete floor with chalk where you will stick the tape.
  • Place back your rug as you peel off the plastic to exposed tape adhesive 
  • Press firmly and leave it for some hours for it to set in.

The steps above do not require professional skills to complete, however you need to read the guide below to get the important details on how to secure your outdoor rugs using a double sided rug tape.

In addition, at the end of the article i have included additional tips and tricks you can use to keep your rugs in place on concrete.

How do you Secure Outdoor Rugs on Concrete?

You must be wondering whether this rug tape will actually secure your outdoor rugs on painted or treated concrete. Your concrete porch or patio definitely gets wet, dust and leaves so just any tape will not stick very well on a concrete surface.

What’s more, some places experience very high wind speeds of over 40mph which can easily blow away your outdoor rugs. Amazingly, this double sided carpet tape adheres very well on concrete. It uses pressure sensitive silicone adhesive which sticks very well on both rough and smooth surfaces. 

It is a very tenacious tape that will suit your concrete surface well. Just ensure your concrete surface is dry and clean before sticking the tape for it to be effective. The best part is that, it comes off concrete easily and does not leave any residue.

Materials you will need

1. Clean your concrete floor and rug backing

First and foremost, you must ensure your concrete floor is clean and dry. You can do some sweeping to remove any leaves and dust. Importantly ensure the floor is dry completely as concrete can seep in moisture.

Next, clean your rug backing of any lint and dust which might have accumulated while laying outside.

2. Measure your area rug

Next, you need to measure your area rug to obtain the size to guide you in marking your concrete. If you already know the measurement of your rug, you can skip this step. 

3. Mark your concrete floor

When you have the size, using a ruler or your measuring tape and chalk. Mark your concrete all round. 

On the corners mark at least three L lines where we will put tape for a more secure fitting on the corners. The space left in the middle, put rows of 2 inches apart.

4. Tape your rug tape to the concrete

Now, unroll your double sided rug tape and stick the sticky side on the pattern you have drawn on your concrete.

DO NOT remove the plastic paper on the other side at this point. Make sure you stick the tape completely before going to the next step. Be careful too because it is very sticky and as you cut it it could stick to your scissors. 

5. Lay your rug in place as you peel off plastic paper

When you are done laying the tape, it is now time to lay back our rug. If you are doing it by yourself, it is safe to remove the plastic paper to expose the adhesive side as you lay down the rug because this tape is INCREDIBLY sticky. As you are laying the rug in place , press firmly for it to hold.

Tips on Keeping Outdoor Rugs in Place on Concrete

If you are not up for some DIY then consider these alternatives.

  • Place potted plants on the edges of the rug. These will serve as both decorative and functional.
  • Put heavy furniture weights on the rug. You can place your patio table and chairs just right on the edges of the rug to keep it down.
  • Consider using heavier mats. Such mats and outdoor rugs are not easily blown away.

Final Thoughts

Well, you do not have to keep putting your outdoor rug secure. With a DIY of less than 30 minutes you can secure it exactly where you want it to be.

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