4 Thin Door Mat to Fit Under Door

If you are looking for a thin door mat to fit under door, then we got you..You do not have to send $500 to get a contactor to rip the door and lift it up an inch.Nor do you ahve to take the weather stripping off.Any doormat that is 0.2”-0.4” will work well for an entrance with no clearance for a rug

When shopping around for one avoid fluffy mats and instead go for low profile mats. If you have hardwood floors consider getting a waterproof mat to protect it against floor water damage.

To make your shopping easier we have reviewed for your the best picks that will work well for either the front, back or garage entrance. .

Review of Thin Door Mat to Fit Under Door

Walensee Indoor Doormat, Front Door Mat for Entrance

Measuring 0.3” thick you cannot go wrong with the Walensee Indoor Doormat. It is just thin enough for a thin door clearance.

It is made from a highly absorbent material, which ensures that it can quickly absorb rain and mud from wet shoes or paws. This high absorbency also ensures that it traps dirt and mud efficiently.

You do not have to worry about the mat getting dump from absorbing the mud as another of its exciting qualities is that it dries quickly. 

If you are worried about this mat ‘dancing’ around the floor, we assure you it will not. Its underside has a rubbery lining providing it with a non-slip backing and allowing it to stick to one position. 

You will also love the fact that it is easy to clean with a variety of options. You can shake off the dust outside, sweep it with a broom, or use a handheld vacuum cleaner. The most exciting part is that it is foldable enough and machine washable. 

The only notable limitation of the Walensee Indoor Doormat is that its color may be different from what is shown. While advertising images depict it as a solid gray color, consumers complain that it is more of a speckled grey and white color.


  • Thin to perfectly fit under the door
  • Highly absorbent and dries quickly
  • Easy to clean
  • Non slip backing


  • The color may be a little bit different from what is advertised.

Door Mat by LuxUrux

Who doesn’t fancy a product that is budget friendly while still being durable? Well, almost all of us do and this is exactly what the Door Mat by LuxUrux provides. It is cheap and designed from strong all natural rubber, which makes it durable and strong.

This doormat is slim at only ¼ inch thick preventing instances where it gets in the way of your door. The Door Mat by LuxUrux ability to trap dirt, mud or any other debris remains unmatched. Its woven polypropylene fabric and the rubber border facilitate effective cleaning of shoes and paws. 

You are most probably wondering how you can clean this doormat. Well, another of its amazing characteristics is that it is easy to clean. 

If you are looking to give it a light and swift clean, you only need to sweep, shake of dirt outside or vacuum the mat. When the doormat gets dirtier and needs a deep clean, you can wipe it with a damp soapy cloth or rinse it using a hosepipe. 

We however noted that users complained of the Door Mat by LuxUrux being poorly rolled up. This makes it hard for it to lay flat on the floor for the first few weeks. 

It also has a strong chemical smell, which can be irritating. Most users have had to air it for a few days to rid it of the annoying smell. 


  • Budget friendly and durable
  • Efficient in trapping dust
  • ¼ inch thick
  • Easy to clean


  • Has an initial strong chemical smell
  • Poorly rolled up doormat

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HomeProtect Door Mat

We are all looking for that thin doormat that will fit under door without any problems. The HomeProtect Door Mat is ultra-thin at only 2 mm thick and satisfies this requirement effortlessly. 

Its non-slip characteristic is also a plus as the doormat will be where you placed it even months later. How so? Well, the HomeProtect Door Mat has a self-adhesive underside allowing it to stick properly to the floor. 

Durable products are undoubtingly attractive and cost saving in the long-run. After all, nobody wants to keep shopping for thin doormats that fit under the door. 

The HomeProtect Door Mat is made from special and unique fibers making it absorbent of dirt, dust and any liquids at your doorstep. What are the cons of the HomeProtect Door Mat? It is only fair that we give both the positive and the negative side of products.

This doormat is a little bit pricey compared to the other doormats. But, it’s all worth it considering the benefits you will reap from acquiring it. 

It is also hard to flatten it when it is new because of the way it is rolled up during packaging.  We recommend placing some heavy materials on top of it to flatten it out. 


  • Ultra-thin to fit under doors at only 2 mm thick
  • Non-slip with an adhesive film on the underside
  • Durable


  • It is hard to roll it out flat after unpacking
  • A little bit pricey compared to the other doormats

DEXI Indoor Doormat

Our favorite feature of the DEXI Indoor Doormat lies in its high absorbency rates and its effectiveness in trapping dust. It is made from a mixture of microfiber and polypropylene allowing it to absorb water and scrap off dirt while still guaranteeing its durability. Its fair price is also a plus considering its massive benefits. 

If you have pets or kids who race into or around the house, then you are probably looking for that doormat that will not ‘dance’ or move about. Well, the non-slip backing of the DEXI Indoor Doormat is your dream come true as it does not move about. 

This indoor mat is also easy to clean! You simply take it outside to give a shake, vacuum it or machine-wash it. However, if you are a ‘neat-freak’, you may find this mat frustrating as it has imperfect stitching on the edges. 


  • Highly absorbent and effective in scrapping off dirt
  • Easy to clean
  • Non-slip
  • Fairly priced and durable 


  • Imperfect stitching on the edges

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Looking for a thin door mat to fit under door does not have to be too hard. When shopping look out for door mats with thickness between 0.2”-0.4” for the best outcome.

Other factors to consider include your budget, the products durability and if you have pets especially dogs in your house before making the purchasing decision

We are sure you will find one to work best for your household from the ones we have reviewed above.

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