3 Non-Staining Large Surface Floor Protector [No Rubber]

non-staining large surface floor protector

For home owners looking for non staining large surface floor protectors to put under heavy furniture, you are in the right place. We have listed for you 3 large surface protectors that will not end up ruining your floors over time.

The cause of stains from protectors is rubber because of exposure to the sun and friction from sliding on the floors. It triggers a chemical reaction between the floor releasing gases which stain and leave behind residue as a by product.

That is why you must be careful while shopping for floor protectors for heavy furniture that will not ruin your expensive flooring investment. Read on to select one suitable for your needs.

3 Non Staining Large Surface Protector

X Protector Round Heavy Duty Felt Pads

If you want to protect your floors from scratches and dents from heavy cabinets, recliners, dressers, beds or sofa then the X Protector floor protectors heavy duty felt pads are exactly what you need.

These furniture pads help distribute the heavy weight very well and avoid denting the floors. What’s more? They help reduce the noise while moving the furniture and prevent scratches on my floors.

Main Features

  • Material. It is made of a solid felt ⅕” which will be on the floor side and a rubber foam layer with tenacious adhesive to stick to the furniture leg. The soft rubber foam is to help distribute the weight evenly on the surface of the floor to prevent dents.
  • Size. It is a thick  ¼” round heavy duty felt pad and is available in color brown. Which is the perfect size for most furniture legs such as chairs, sofas and cabinets.
  • High Quality With this protector you are guaranteed value for money as its made from a blend of high quality natural fibers and recycled wool which are also non toxic.
  • Super strong adhesive. These pads have a strong adhesive that holds tightly onto chair legs.
  • Price. You get to a high quality large surface protector for your floors that is not only no staining but at a price that is truly inexpensive.

My Verdict: For homeowners with hardwood, laminate and vinyl floors, these large surface protectors are a MUST have for heavy furniture. They are  thick and high quality to protect your floors from scratches and dents.

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X Protector Cut to Size Furniture Felt Pad Sheets

If you are looking for a surface protector that you can cut and custom size to your specific needs then this Felt pad sheet is what you should get. With these you can mark and cut for your book shelves and rock chairs too.

Main Features

  • Material The pad is made of 100% felt material which is safe for laminate and vinyl floors which get stained and ruined by rubber material. You can be sure your expensive floor investment will not be ruined by these felt pads.
  • Size. It is a heavy duty ⅕” thick measuring 8” by 6” and comes in a pack of 10 pieces.  It is large enough to cover several furniture items and have leftovers.
  • Easy to use. These pads are very easy to custom cut using scissors. Best of all they curve well to fit rockers. The paper back also peels easily off the pad for sticking onto your furniture leg. You only need to clean the surface before sticking the felt
  • Great value for money. You can be sure getting felt pads for furniture like ottoman, recliners and beds to protect your floors is a worthwhile small investment.

My Verdict: We highly recommend these felt pads for homeowners who recently installed vinyl plank flooring or just redid their hardwood floors. They are non staining , high quality and thick felt pads that you can customize to fit any of your furniture. You can be sure that your floors will not get scratched from moving furniture around.

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Two Color Pack Custom Furniture Set

For people like me who love ready to use items and are just not interested in a DIY protect, this 133 felt furniture set which comes with brown and light color shade is for you. With this set you can be sure to find all the pieces you need for all the furniture in your home.

Main Features

  • All in One set. This set is the full package of felt pads. They come in two colors; brown and beige for color matching and blending with your furniture. They also come in a variety of sizes and shapes -square, round, strips and a cut to size pad. If you just installed new flooring or redone your hardwood floors, this is the set to buy.
  • Easy to put. They are super easy to put. You just need to wipe the surface you are to stick it to. Then peel off the paper back off the felt and stick on the furniture leg And it is done- you added a layer of protection for both the floor and the furniture.
  • High quality. The felt pads are thick and of high quality fibers that are durable. The adhesive used is also super strong and sticks firmly on the furniture legs.
  • Inexpensive. It is a full package for home use at a very cheap price. The small amount you invest in these will save you the cost of refinishing hardwood floors. Best of all they are of high quality and are safe for floors that get stained by low quality felt rubber pads.

My Verdict. If you just moved houses or installed new hardwood ,laminate or vinyl floors, this furniture felt pad set is a must have. It comes in two colors and in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit all kinds of home furniture. Best of all there is a felt pad too which you can cut to size for those custom pieces.

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For homeowners looking to protect their floor investment from furniture scratches and dents. Getting a non staining large surface protector is very important. 

You can get the full set if you do not want to cut them to size or the felt pad for customization on rockers and recliners. Am sure you can find something for you.


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