Rugs or No Rugs in Bathroom [Pros and Cons]

rugs or no rugs in bathroom

If you are doing some decorating in your bathroom and are wondering whether having rugs in there is outdated then this article will clear that up for you.

It is very important to have rugs in the bathroom because water is highly likely to splash and drip around the vanity sink area and on the floors when you get out of the shower or bath tub.

A bathroom rug will help prevent any fatal slip by keeping the area dry at all times. What’s more, rugs are both functional and decorative and can transform a basic looking bathroom into a spa. Read on to find out why bathroom rugs are still important and the change in trends in the market.

Pros of Rugs in the Bathroom

Let us look into the advantages of having rugs in the bathroom.


Slippery bathrooms due to water splashes are known to cause fatal falls. To prevent such runs to the emergency room you would better make the small investment of a bathroom rug. 

A rug placed in front of the bath rub, vanity area, and the bathroom floor for larger bathrooms will keep the room dry at all times. Just make sure it has a non slip backing.

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Solve cold floor problems

If you do not have floor heating in your bathroom you suck with stepping on cold floors as you are brushing your teeth or when you wake up at night to visit the toilet is not desirable.

Installing a sub floor heating system is expensive and if you have no plans of  investing in one purchasing rugs is the cheaper option.

What’s more if you have a bath in the basement then cold floors will be an issue and rugs are a quick and easy way to have a warm surface to step on while in the bathroom.

Decorating purposes

Placing rugs which compliment the color of the walls or tile in the bathroom adds to the overall look of a bathroom. For example placing a vintage or colorful rug can change up the look of a basic looking tiled bathroom into a luxurious one.

Having rugs in the kids bathroom also helps in turning boring baths into colorful and fun sessions which babies look forward to. And for the case of a large bathroom, having an area rug on the floor will cover up a boring open floor space with color, pattern and style.

Avoid carrying wetness outside the bathroom

A bath mat under the bathroom door or outside the master bathroom will prevent water drips from being carried into the bedroom or around the house. Nobody loves mopping after spills and drips.  

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Cons of Rugs in the Bathroom


Because the bathroom is naturally a wet area in the home, having rugs there will make them susceptible to mold and mildew. Thankfully, there are mildew and mold resistant rugs available in the market.

Proper care should be taken to ensure you do not grow mold in your bathroom via the rugs. Mold is not good for your overall health as it affects the air quality. Consider buying one which is washable and easy to maintain.


If you are using low quality or worn out rugs which are not non slip then you increase the risk of slipping in your bathroom.

 You should always make sure the backing is non slip and if a rug is rubber backed then consider replacing it so often as soon as it gets worn out because it poses a danger to you falling.


Some homeowners place rugs in front of the toilet and we know how that area is prone to spills and spurts while taking the call of nature. It is not so hygienic placing one there especially if you have boys in your house. Or better yet children as they are bound to spilling accidents as they learn to use the bathroom well.

It is one of the outdated styles of having matching sets of bathroom rugs for your toilet lid, a contour rug around the toilet and on the floor.

Clutter the space

Rugs can clutter the bathroom space if they are not styled well. Some people love the modern sleek looking bathroom void of rugs because they break up the flow of the floor. Especially for small bathrooms, consider having small rugs to avoid making it look cluttered and overbearing.

Are Bath Mats Sanitary?

Well, this will highly depend of where you place your bath mats or rugs in the bathroom. Typically, mats in the tub, outside the tub, in front of the vanity and on the floors is hygienic and safe to have.

However, placing one in front of the toilet or on the lid cover in my opinion is not hygienic at all. It will harbor germs and will be susceptible to mold. Maintaining the cleanliness of that area quite frankly will be an uphill task.

Best Type of Rug for the Bathroom

Now we have covered the pros and cons of having rugs in the bathroom. You might be wondering which is the best rug for the bathroom. When choosing a bathroom rug consider the following things.


It should be absorbent and soft. Cotton and microfiber are a good material to consider for your bathroom. They are also not expensive and come in various colors and patterns.

A mold and mildew resistant bathroom rug material will eliminate the worry of the mold menace developing inside your home.

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Non skid

This is the next important feature to look for in a bathroom rug to prevent any tripping accidents from happening. Purchasing a non skid rug will protect your family and pets from visiting the emergency room from falls.

Easy to clean

Consider buying a bathroom rug which is washable and does not require special laundering steps so that you can easily maintain the cleanliness of your bathroom rugs.


At the end of the day, it comes down to personal preference for individual home owners whether they want a rug or not in the bathroom. 

Nonetheless, the pros of having rugs in the bathroom far outweigh the cons which honestly can be managed by buying a good quality non skid mildew and mold resistant rug.

In the case where having a rug could clutter or harbor germs such as in front of the toilet you would rather not place one in there.

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