5 Ruggable Rug Pad Alternative (Non Slip)

Are you looking for a ruggable rug pad alternative? If you are, chances are that a few weeks or months into using the ruggable rug pad, you have realized it’s too thin for your liking and does not suit your taste. 

You are probably thinking how fast excitement can die down. When you first received your ruggable rug accompanied by its twin, a rug pad, you were probably at your happiest. 

But, do not fret because you can get a ruggable rug pad alternative. It will provide you with that extra padding that you so much need on your floor. As usual, we are here for your rescue, providing some of the best ruggable rug pad alternatives.

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  1. Mohawk Felt and latex non slip rug pad
  2.  Non slip rubber and felt rug pad

What is the Best Ruggable Rug Pad Alternative

Mohawk Home Dual Surface Felt and Latex Non-Slip Rug Pad

This synthetic Mohawk Home rug pad will be the perfect ruggable rug pad alternative for your home. It’s thick enough and comes in two thickness options: ¼ or inch, allowing you to select the plushiest and most comfortable option. 

It also features a rubber backing making it nonslip. Whether your pets or kids are playing atop your ruggable rug, you can be sure there will be no slipping or wrinkles. 

Its ease of use and positioning on your floor make it an all-time favorite. You place it beneath your ruggable rug with the felt side down. And if you are worried about cleaning, stop. You can spot clean it with a mild detergent and water, and it will be as good as new.

We also love that this ruggable rug pad is easy to trim with your pair of kitchen shears. And if trimming rug pads is not your forte, you can ask the company to custom-trim it for you at no extra cost.

If you are sensitive to foreign and chemical-like smells, you may not like this ruggable rug pad alternative. Buyers have complained that it has an awful smell during the first days of use. But, the smell goes away after a few days of airing and use.


  • Nonslip
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Customizable sizing
  • Easy to trim


  • It May smell awful during the first days of use.

MAYSHINE 4′ x 6′ Basics Felt + Rubber Non-Slip Rug Pad

The Mayshine rug pad is the real deal for all your high-traffic areas. It’s made from felt and rubber, allowing you to enjoy cushion-like comfort beneath your feet. 

On top of that, the rug’s felt surface layer combined with the natural rubber backing prevents it from slipping, sliding, or wrinkling when you lay it out. However, most buyers complain that the rug may slightly begin to slip after a year or so of use. You may want to get double-sided tape to prevent this. 

We also love that the Mayshine rug is ideal for all floor and rug types. Better still, it comes in a variety of precut sizes. If the precuts do not suit your likes, then you can use your kitchen scissors to trim the Mayshine rug pad to your desired shape. 


  • Ideal for high traffic areas
  • Ideal for all floor and rug types
  • It comes in a variety of precut sizes
  • Easy to cut if you need to adjust the precut sizes


  • The rug may begin to slip after a year or so of use.

RUGPADUSA – Basics – 4’x6′ – 3/8″ Thick – 100% Felt – Protective Cushioning Rug Pad

If a ruggable rug pad alternative that is safe for all types of floors and finishes is your kind of thing, we bet you will instantly fall in love with the RUGPADUSA-Basics rug pad. The manufacturers have made this rug pad from materials that will not stain, strip or mar your floors. 

You will also love that this ruggable rug pad alternative comes in three thickness options. If you have downstairs neighbors and need to minimize the noise, you can get the 3/8 option which is the thickest. The choice is yours, and don’t we all love that freedom of choice?

Better still, the company custom-cuts the rugs on order. So, you get what you ask. You can use your kitchen scissors to easily trim the rug to the desired shape and size if it is slightly different. 

You may dislike that this rug does not feature a nonslip or non-slide backing. You may need to try the felt rubber options if you are looking for this.


  • Provides three thickness options
  • Custom-cutting available
  • Easy to trim


  • It does not have a nonslip or nonslide backing

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Non-Slip Area Rug Pad – 2 x 8, 1/3″ Thick Dual Surface

Made from a felt and EVA rubber blend, the Non-Slip Area rug pad will offer the perfect support for your ruggable rug. Its ⅓ thickness offers you maximum cushion and comfort.

This rug pad also features a nonslip natural rubber backing which keeps the rug in place. However, the ruggable rug may slide since the top side of the rug pad alternative is not nonslip. You may use double-sided tape to hold the ruggable rug in place.

And we all love a company that takes into consideration all our needs. The rug comes custom cut, so its installation is a breeze. You can also trim the edges to your liking by simply using your household scissors.


  • Plush, thick, and comfortable
  • Nonslip rubber backing
  • Easy to install
  • It can be custom-cut but also easy to cut


  • Ruggable rug may slide since the top is not nonslip.

Mohawk Home Ultra Premium All-Surface Grey Felt Rug Pad

Who wouldn’t love an easy-to-clean, trim, thick, and comfortable ruggable rug pad alternative? No one. So, the Mohawk Home Ultra Premium will soon become your favorite ruggable rug pad alternative as it has become ours.

It comes in two thickness options allowing you the freedom of choice. It is also easy to trim if the custom size from the manufacturer is not suitable for your taste. You need to use your loyal kitchen scissors. 

On top of all this, it’s easy to clean, significantly reducing your workload. You can spot clean this rug pad with a mild detergent and water.

If you are keen on getting a nonslip ruggable rug alternative, then you may not like this one. It’s not designed to prevent rugs from slipping. So, you are better off placing it in areas anchored down by heavy items.


  • Easy to trim
  • Easy to clean
  • Available in two thickness options


  • It is not nonslip

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Things to Consider When Buying A Ruggable Rug Pad Alternative


Rug pads are available in several materials such as felt, felt and latex, natural rubber , memory foam, polyvinyl chloride etc. Felt pads are made from compressed materials such as wool and animal fur or recycled materials. They are good  all type of floors and provide enough padding for ruggable rugs.

Rug pad materials to avoid include petroleum based materials such as acrylic or rayon as those will discolor and stain your floors.

Consider rug pads with felt and latex if you are looking for a non slip rug pad for your ruggable especially if you have slippery floors. However, for those with vinyl floors avoid rug pads with a latex backing as those are not safe for vinyl plank flooring.


Rug pads are available in different thickness. For ruggable rug pad alternative consider a pad that is atleast 1/4 inches thick because ruggable are relatively thin rugs and you need some thickness to make them plush to step on.

Rug Pad Size

Before you purchase a rug pad make sure you measure the size of your ruggable so that you get a rug pad that is the right size. The rule of thumb is that the a rug pad should be 2 inches away from the rug edges.

Get a rug pad that is easy to cut and customize.

FAQ on Ruggable Rug Pad Alternative

Can I Use a Different Pad with Ruggable

Yes you can sue a different pad with the ruggable rug pad because the velcro ruggable pad can be removed from the ruggable cover to allow use of another rug pad.

Can You Use Ruggable Cover without Pad

You cannot use a ruggable cover without the pad as it is relatively thin and is not non slip. Which means it will not only be unsafe to step on but uncomfortable too. In addition, the ruggable cover will wear out quickly due to friction with the floor.

What Can I Use Instead of A Rug pad

You can use rug tape, carpet padding and velcro.


After your disappointment with the ruggable rug pad, you may be tempted not to buy another rug pad. But don’t, lest you only have a blanket-like piece on your floor posing like a ruggable rug pad. 

With the ruggable rug pad alternatives, you have no excuse as your shopping will be seamless. Be sure to consider the size of the ruggable rug pad alternative, material, and nonslip capabilities

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