Kitchen Rugs for Vinyl Floors [No Rubber]

kitchen rugs for vinyl floors

Getting kitchen rugs for vinyl floors that are functional and safe is a hassle. And the search can quickly get frustrating because of the strict no rubber or latex backing rule given by vinyl floor manufacturers.

Most kitchen rugs in the market today have rubber or latex backing to make them waterproof and non-skid. Which means you can not use them for your vinyl floors as the rubber will stain and ruin your floors. 

The advantage is that vinyl floors are waterproof, so you only need to look for a kitchen rug that is absorbent to soak up any water spills in the kitchen to keep the floors clean and dry.

Quick List of Top Kitchen Rugs for Vinyl Floors

  1. HEBE Oversized Anti Fatigue Comfort Mats
  2. Chardin Home 100% Cotton Reversible
  3. Pauwer Hand Woven Cotton Rug Set

Reviews of Best Kitchen Rugs for Vinyl Floors

HEBE Oversized Anti Fatigue Comfort Mats

Looking for some more comfort while cleaning your dishes or preparing meals? Then an anti fatigue mat is what you need. The HEBE anti fatigue mat is made of 1.5cm thick polyurethane foam gel which is safe for vinyl floors. The size is just perfect to fit the whole kitchen sink area or a kitchen island space.’

Main Features:

  •  It is very easy to care for– you can vacuum clean it or wipe it with a damp cloth.
  • It is also waterproof and stain resistant. Lucky enough the mat is also not a pain to look at on your floors and is available in 4 different colors for your choosing with nice patterns and some texture too.
  • You also don’t have to worry about slipping accidents because the mat is non-skid even when wet and the edges are tapered to avoid tripping accidents. For those looking to reduce their waste, it’s good to know the mat is 100% recyclable.

Consider getting this floor mat if you are hunting for a mat to save you from aching feet after long hours standing in front of your stove , kitchen sink or in your laundry room.

Chardin Home 100% Cotton Reversible

If you are looking for a rug that washes well and is super absorbent for your vinyl floor kitchen then Chardin 100% cotton reversible and machine washable rug is for you.

Main Features

  • It is made of cotton which is super absorbent and safe for vinyl floors.
  • Very soft to step on the feet -super cushy as you cooking up a meal for your family.
  • It’s reversible meaning you can use either side 
  • Cotton washes up very well, and if you have pets who carry dirt often. It can withstand frequent washes.
  • Super stylish blue diamond design looks  and it holds up its color.
  • The rug does not come with any funky smell at all like some do.
  • Available in a perfect rug size for in front of a kitchen sink.

Handwoven Kitchen Rug with Tassels

For those of us who love super cute and functional rugs for any space, this handwoven rug with tassels is exactly what you need for your vinyl kitchen floors.

Main Features

  • It is very soft on the feet and made of durable materials that withstand everyday use and many washes without losing its color: 45% cotton, 45% polyester and 10% viscose.
  • You only need to machine wash it and it’s back on your kitchen floors.
  • The quality is great and it looks even better in person rather than on pictures. You only need to get a rug pad  safe for vinyl plank floors to go underneath it to make it non-skid. What’s not to love really?

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Pauwer Hand Woven Cotton Rug Set


Most people who buy hand woven rugs worry about machine washing for fear of ruining the rug. And it’s good to know that the Pauwer Handwoven cotton rug set does not shrink, or tear the tassels when machine washed. It comes out of the washer as it came in.

Main Features

  • The rug set comes in two different sizes which is simply great to cover as much space in your kitchen area especially long kitchen areas.
  • They are also super cute and you can find colors to match your décor. It is of a high quality and yet so affordable for 2 pieces. 
  • Look.. it is super easy to clean and maintain simply vacuum clean or machine wash it. Although they may slide around you can get slip strips to place underneath the rug or sew some grips to make them non-skid.

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Things to consider when choosing kitchen rugs safe for vinyl floors


If your kitchen is a busy one where a lot of water spills happen, you need a rug made of absorbent material such as cotton and not a vinyl floor mat.

Easy to maintain

Because the kitchen is used often in the home, you need a kitchen rug that is machine washable and dries quickly.


You CANNOT use rubber or latex backed kitchen rugs on your vinyl floors. Look out for cotton rugs, handwoven wool rugs and kitchen mats made from vinyl or polyurethane which is the same material used to finish vinyl floors.


Generally, a rug which can cover the front of your sink is good size. However, if you have a large kitchen, a runner rug or a rug set is better suited for your space so that you do not leave a large area uncovered where water spills can occur.


If you spent a lot of time in the kitchen, getting a anti fatigue mat is a good option to cushion your legs from the pain of standing for long hours. Do not get a thin rug for your kitchen

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You do not have to risk ruining your floors with the market flooded rubber and latex backed kitchen rugs. Cotton and hand woven rugs are super absorbent and safe for your vinyl kitchen floors. And the best part is they are very easy to clean and care for.

Am sure you found something that will work for you from our list of safe kitchen rugs for vinyl floors. For those looking to avoid aching feet, anti fatigue mats made from polyurethane are safe to use and non-slip even when the floor is wet. 



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