Are Latex Backed Rugs Safe for Laminate Floors? Answers

are latex backed rugs safe for laminate floors

Most rugs available in the market today have latex backing on them. And if you have laminate floors this does not mean you cannot get a latex backed rug that caught your eye. You definitely can, but you should use a rug pad for laminate floors to protect them from discoloration and scratches.

Latex backed rugs are not safe to use on laminate floors because the chemicals in the latex such as plasticizers will end up ruining your laminate floors.

This will occur due to friction from stepping on the rug and exposure to UV rays from the sun which leads to emission of by products that cause discoloration and leave behind icky sticky residue on your floors.

Quick Note

You can protect your laminate floors from latex backed rugs:

  • Putting a rug pad underneath to add cushioning and protection.
  • Decorating your rooms using area rugs with cotton backing.
  • Use bathroom rugs with non slip backing from hot adhesive technology.

Will Latex Backed Rugs ruin Laminate Floors?

Latex backed rugs will ruin your floors in two main ways.


This will be the result of chemical reaction between the chemicals in latex and the floor due to friction from traffic on the area rug and exposure to sunlight.

Latex as a synthetic material will degrade overtime from exposure to UV rays and the gases released will stain your laminate floors. And these stains are hard to remove using regular floor cleaners such as Bona.

The best way to protect your floors is to get a rug pad for laminate floors or get cotton backed area rugs.

Icky Sticky Residue.

Do you find sticky residue under some of your area rugs? Well, this is because the  rug backing contains latex or rubber. 

The additives used to make rubber fluid and waterproof such as plasticizers emit by products when exposed to sunlight and from friction on the floors leaving behind the sticky residue that is hard to remove.

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What kind of area rugs ruin laminate floors?

The question which comes to mind next is whether having any area rug on your laminate floors is safe. The following kind of area rugs can definitely ruin your laminate floors

Area rugs with rough backing.

The most common are rugs made from natural fibers such as jute rugs that have very rough backing that cause scratches on your floors due to friction. 

The best way to protect your floors is to have a rug pad underneath to provide padding and shield your floor from the rough surface.

Rubber backing area rugs

The chemicals in the rubber such as plasticizers and stabilizers will trigger chemical reactions from frequent rubbing from traffic and this will cause some icky sticky residue on your floors.

It will also lead to discoloration on your floors from exposure to UV rays. That is why you find a mismatch in color under area rugs and spaces without area rugs.

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Highly treated and dyed rugs

Some area rugs get treated to add features such as making them waterproof or stain resistant. This involves adding chemicals to them which may react with your laminate floors. The dyes in turn cause discoloration and stains on our laminate.

Your options here are to look for rugs labeled as colorfast rugs. These are rugs that will not emit the chemicals used to make it when exposed to water, sunlight or heat.

How to you protect your laminate floors from damage

Rug pad for laminate flooring

You should get a rug pad suitable for laminate flooring to put under your area rug and it must be a non rubber rug pad. The best option for laminate floors is to use a rug pad made of PVC without rubber or adhesive.

The rug pad will do the following:

  • Add padding to make your rug more comfortable to step on like your walking on clouds.
  • It will protect your floors from discoloration and stains
  • Make your rug non-slip and prevent your family members and pets from falling.

Cotton backed area rugs

Cotton backed area rugs are safe for laminate floors because they will not discolor or stain your floors. The best cotton backed rugs safe for laminate floors are Unique Loom rugs.

Main Features

  • They are perfect for high traffic areas such as the living room and dining room area
  • The rugs are mildew and mold resistant so are safe for basement floors and concrete too
  • Very easy to care for, clean and maintain. You only need to vacuum it regularly and spot clean with resolve.
  • Are available in vibrant colors and designs.
  • High quality area rugs at an affordable price
  • Super cute and stylish which quickly up lights a room décor.

Non Slip Bathroom Rugs Without Latex


You will also need to find bathroom rugs which are non slip and it is no easy task to do so. This is because most bathroom rugs in the market today have rubber or latex backing to make them waterproof and non slip.

However, there are bathroom rugs which are anti-skid using hot melt adhesive technology or non slip PVC backing which is safe for laminate floors.

Main Features

  • Super absorbent rugs which are made from chenille material that is thick and plush.
  • Non slip hot melt adhesive technology which does not leave behind sticky residue or discolor floors.
  • They are available in vibrant and cool colors to spruce up your bathroom décor.
  • Super soft and warm on your feet, just the surface you want to step on once you step out of your shower or bath tub.
  • The pricing of the rugs is nothing short of inexpensive and yet the quality of the rugs is high.
  • The rugs are also very easy to care for and maintain. They are machine washable and dryable. The best part is they remain plush after washes and don’t lose a lot of fiber.

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Clearly, all rubber and latex backed rugs are not safe for your laminate floors. They will discolor your floors and leave behind sticky residue which is simply disgusting and hard to remove. However, you still can protect your laminate floors from damage by doing the flooring.

  • Putting a rug pad underneath to add cushioning and protection.
  • Decorating your rooms using area rugs with cotton backing.
  • Use bathroom rugs with non slip backing from hot adhesive technology.


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