7 Door Mats Safe for Vinyl Floors [Non Rubber Backed]

oor mats safe for vinyl floors

After installing vinyl floors, next you must keep dirt and sand from outside off your vinyl floors. With the extra care needed for vinyl floors, door mats that are safe for vinyl floors are those that do not have a rubber backing.

These may include vinyl backed mats, cotton, jute and wool door mats. These kinds of backing will not stain or discolor your vinyl floors over time. Unfortunately, most door mats in the market today are rubber backed to make them anti slip.

Which makes the search for one that will be anti-slip and safe for your floors an uphill task.Thankfully, we have found non-slip door mats safe for vinyl floors. They are non-slip and without rubber backing. 

Top Door Mats Safe for Vinyl Floors

  1. Kaluns Door Mat Super Absorbent for Vinyl Floors
  2. KAF Home Set 2 Door Mat
  3. Notrax 109 Brush Step Door Mat for Home or Office

What Kind of Door Mat Do You Use On Vinyl Floors

The kind of door mat that is safe for use on vinyl floors is one that does not contain rubber backing. This is because you put rubber backed mats on vinyl overtime due to friction and exposure to sunlight. 

The chemicals in the rubber mat will react with chemicals on vinyl and the result is discolouration and yellowing of your floors.which will color and stain yellow.

Thinking of the amounts you spent on your floors, you would not want a doormat to be the one to devalue your floors.It is better to be safe and get a doormat that will be safe, non slip and functional in keeping dirt and sand off your floors.

Door Mats Safe for Vinyl Floors

We have listed the best options and am sure you will find a doormat to suit your needs. Most importantly, all listed door mats do not contain any rubber as their backing and will not ruin your vinyl floors.

Vinyl backed door mats are great for vinyl flooring because they will not trigger any chemical reactions with your floors which could release gases that discolor and stain your expensive floors.

Kaluns Door Mat Super Absorbent for Vinyl Floors



Whether you are looking for a microfiber door mat to trap dirt and mud or a doormat that will trap in moisture from snow or  rain, the Kaluns Microfiber Door mat is what you need.

Key Features

Top Reasons to get this door mat for your vinyl floors

  • Super absorbent doormat. It is made of polyester microfibers which will soak in a whole glass of water to avoid water puddles being dragged around your vinyl floors. Which is obviously dangerous due to slipping accidents.
  • Machine washable and dryable. Which makes it super easy to maintain and take care of. Who wouldn’t love a door mat you can abuse with all the mud and dirt shoes carry and just throw in the washer to clean it up? Not me!
  • PVC backing safe for vinyl flooring. It has a high quality PVC backing which will not react with your expensive flooring and end up ruining them. 
  • Resizing. You can cut the mat to fit the contours of the location you will be placing it, which is a big plus. You will only need to clean it and the fibers will not fall off.
  • It does not shed. The best part is the doormat does not shed any lint or dust from fiber. It is made of 100% polyester material which is very strong and durable.
  • Stylish. This rug looks very cute and fashion forward in 8 bright and vibrant colors for your choosing. You will garner compliments with it most definitely.
  • Comes ready to use. As soon as it arrives , you can start using it. Which is unlike most doormats which need pre-washing before use.
  • Versatile doormat. You can use this door mat for a myriad of uses at home. As a dog door mat to wipe off muddy paws, in your kitchen, laundry room, entryway or back door. 
  • Inexpensive. It is a doormat that is high quality yet affordable and long lasting at the same time. Lastly, you get a 1 year money guarantee for getting this rug, no regrets from spending your money on it!


  • It is re sizable 
  • Does not shed any lint
  • Machine washable


  • You cannot go wrong with this one

KAF Homeset 2 Ribbed Doormat



If you are on a tight budget you should check out this KAF Homeset door mat that comes in a pack of 2 at a very affordable price. Lets take a look at the features.

Top Features

  • Ribbed doormat that cleans in between shoes very well.
  • Its made from highly durable polyester fibers with a non slip pvc backing which is safe on vinyl plank flooring. This means you can use it both for in door and outdoor without it being adversely affected by elements of weather.
  • Its is available in several colors so you can get one to match your decor.


  • Ribbed doormat that cleans shoes
  • Its absorbs water well
  • Easy to clean
  • Non slip pvc backing


  • It edges curl up overtime

Ultralux Indoor Entrance Door Mat Vinyl Backed 



If you are looking for a safe door mat for vinyl floors to use in your back door or front door the Ultralux Entrance Door Mat is for you.

This door mat has a non-slip vinyl backing which will not ruin your expensive floors. This is because no chemical reaction will trigger due between the floors and the mat backing to cause discoloration or sticky residue to remain behind.

Key Features

  • Super absorbent. It is made of polypropylene fibers which will trap sand, dust and soak in moisture from shoes and muddy pet paws.. Which makes sure no sand particles end up scratching your vinyl floors or mud prints tracked all over the house.
  • Anti slip vinyl backing and edging. This door mat is vinyl backed to make it non-skid on your vinyl floors. The best part? It does not contain any rubber which could ruin your floors. The vinyl backing is TOTALLY safe to use on luxury vinyl flooring.
  • Easy to clean and maintain. You only need to vacuum clean it once per week or depending on your use. It is also machine washable at 30 degrees Celsius maximum temperature and the polypropylene material dries quickly. There is also the option of hosing it down outside your house in case it gets super dirty.
  • Super stylish entrance door mat. It is available in a variety of colors such as light brown and navy blue which are vibrant and cool colors to match any vinyl floors. The low pile design is also perfect and will not interfere with door opening and closing.
  • High quality. The rug is of high quality and not the kind which will fall apart after only a few months of use. Which means you get great value for your money.
  • Affordable. It is high quality and inexpensive at the same time, what more could one ask for really?
  • Versatile. We highly recommend this Ultralux vinyl backed mat if you are looking for one for safe door mat for your vinyl floors in either your kitchen, front door , back door or mudroom


  • Super absorbent
  • Safe vinyl backing for vinyl
  • Easy to clean and maintain


  • Available in one size only

Notrax 109 Brush Step Door Mat for Home or Office



With a high low scraper mat design, the Notrax Brush door mat acts as an all weather mat which traps debris, snow and water from your shoes.

Key Features

  • Hold up great. The high quality polypropylene material similar to one used to make area rugs hold very well in high traffic areas. I got this rug for my mom’s store and it’s holding up well 4 months down the line.
  • Safe vinyl backing for vinyl flooring. The Notrax Brush Set door mat has a vinyl backing to keep water off your floors and it will not discolor your vinyl floors either. The poly material also soaks in water very well.
  • Keep off all the grime off your floors. This mat works amazingly well at grabbing and holding dirt, water and debris. You will be pleased with how much your floors will stay clean on using this door mat.
  • Super easy to clean. This rug is lightweight and you can easily pick it up and shake off any sand, dirt and gravel in it, then vacuum clean it spotless.
  • Looks good. This door mat is not a pain to look at laying on your entryway. It comes in 7 different colors and I am sure you can find one to match your décor. It lays flat and the texture works well to scrape off dirt and debris off shoes and boots.
  • Pet friendly. This brush set design and soft fibers makes it dog friendly. Which means you can clean off pet hair easily and hide stains well.
  • Variety of size. It is available in 7 different sizes from 2’ by 3’ to 4’ by 8’. You can get a size big enough to make at least two steps before stepping on your vinyl floors.


  • Great for high traffic areas
  • Excellent at scraping off dirt
  • Available in different sizes and colors


  • Edges are a little on the thinner side

Durable Wipe -n- Walk Vinyl Backed Entrance Mat



If you do not want water puddles getting dragged around your house, take a good look at this door mat by Durable Wipe n Walk. It is made of olefin material which is great at absorbing moisture from foot traffic.

Key Features

  • Super absorbent. It will work great for harsh winters because it traps all moisture from shoes keeping your floors dry.
  • Vinyl backing with border. The vinyl backing is safe for your vinyl floors and it stays in place.
  • Easy to Clean. This door mat is very easy to clean and maintain by vacuum cleaning. Best of all, it dries quickly.
  • Very soft . The olefin material is very soft and plush to step on, on your bare feet. Your dog or cat will enjoy laying on it too.
  • Affordable and Functional. This door mat is practically inexpensive and of high quality at the same time. It is also very versatile so you can get several for your backdoor, kitchen and laundry room.


  • Easy to clean
  • Affordable 


  • Not so great to look at

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Pure Coco Coir Doormat with Heavy Duty PVC Backing



Unlike all the doormats on this list, this is a natural fiber doormat made from coconut fiber. They make great doormats to keep your floors clean after scraping off your shoes on this coir doormat.

Key Features

  • Natural Fiber. It is a pure coconut fiber material which is durable and strong. It traps dirt and moisture well from shoes.
  • PVC backing. It has a PVC backing which is safe for vinyl floors and it won’t slip all over your floors either.
  • Low maintenance. You can simply shake it outside or vacuum clean it to keep it sparkling. What’s more, coir door mats are resistant to mold, mildew and water. 
  • Attractive design. Although coir door mats shed a little, they come in attractive designs and with sweet welcoming words designed on them. Which makes them great for gifting your friends and family.


  • Eco friendly natural fiber
  • Low maintenance


  • It sheds fibers
  • Disintegrated when exposed to water

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What to Look for When Choosing Door Mats Safe for Vinyl Floors


Make sure the material is durable, absorbent to catch all dirt, sand and grime from shoes. So that your floors do not get dirty or scratched up due to sand and pebbles. In addition, the backing of the mat should be non rubber 


Door mats come in different patterns to make them effective for removing dirt, sand and mud from shoes. Consider one that has some texture or is ribbed to clean in between shoes well.


You wouldn’t want a mismatched door mat on your so nice vinyl floors.Consider getting one that matches your floors or compliments it and goes well with the decor of your home


Consider a size that will fit well on the front of your door whether a double sized door or otherwise. In addition, it should be low profile so that it will not be in the way with the opening and closing of your front door.

Easy to clean

Consider one that is easy to clean by either shaking it off, hosing it or throwing it in the washer. You would not want one that will add onto the task of keeping your vinyl floors clean

Non Slip

Most importantly, the doormat should have non slip features because vinyl floors are slippery. Nonetheless if you fail to find a non slip doormat , consider putting a non slip rug pad underneath to avoid slips and falls or the doormat flying around the floors

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FAQ on Door Mats Safe for Vinyl Floors

Are Waterhog Mats Safe for Vinyl Floors

Waterhog mats are not safe for vinyl floors simply by the fact that they contain a rubber backing. They will stain and discolor your floors. Moreover, vinyl floors are waterproof and using a waterhog mat will not necessarily be required.

Are rubber Mats safe for Vinyl Floors

Rubber mats are not safe for vinyl floors and should be avoided at all costs. The rubber will react with chemicals in vinyl floors from friction with the floor triggering release of gasses which stain vinyl floors

Can You put Floor Mats on Vinyl Floors

You can put floor mats on vinyl floors so long as they do not contain rubber backings. Alternatively you can place a rug pad underneath the floor mat to keep your vinyl floor safe.

Are PVC Mats Safe on Vinyl Floors

Pvc mats are safe on vinyl floors as they will not stain or discolor your floors. They are made on poly vinyl chloride which is similar to chemicals used in making vinyl floors.

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As we have discussed the only door mats safe for vinyl floors are those without a rubber backing. You need to protect your floor investment from discoloration and stains.

The doormat we recommend suitable for vinyl floors is the Ultralux Indoor Entrance Door Mat Vinyl Backed.It has a safe non-slip vinyl backing, its super absorbent and is very easy to clean and maintain. 

However, you can choose one suitable for your use from the five we have suggested for you. Consider the material, pattern and size when selecting one suitable for your home.

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