Best Rug Pad For Jute Rug [That Is Non-Slip]

best rug pad for jute rug that is non slip

If you just bought a jute rug for your space, you must have noticed how slippery it is. What’s more, jute is not as soft a material and can scratch your floors overtime due to friction.

And it doesn’t have to be hard looking for the best rug pad for jute rug. You only need to get a rug pad that will add cushioning and anti slip features. It should also be thick to accommodate the weight of jute.

We have made it much easier and reviewed for you some of the best rug pads in the market today. Read on to select one suitable for you.

A Review of the Best Rug Pad for Jute Rug

Mohawk Dual Surface Felt and Latex Non Slip Rug Pad

If you have a thick jute rug a thick and non slip rug pad is what you need. The Mohawk Dual Surface Felt and Latex rug pad is the perfect match for you.

Main Features

  • Dual Surface: It has two surfaces, the upper surface is made of felt from carpet fiber layoffs on which your rug will lay. It has a rough feel like wool to grip firmly to the rug backing. The bottom side is made of latex material which makes it non-slip on slick floor surfaces. It’s embossed with a pattern to grip on all kinds of surfaces both smooth and hard.
  • Thick: It is a thick rug pad ¼” which adds much needed plushness and cushioning to a jute rug. It will also make it strong enough to handle the weight of jute fiber and not wear out fast due to friction.
  • Customizable. You can cut this rug pad easily with scissors to fit any shape and size of your jute rugs at home.
  • Safe for hardwood floors. This rug pad adheres very well on hardwood floors and does not leave behind residue or discolor floors overtime.
  • Durable. Mohawk felt is a durable and high quality rug pad at a truly inexpensive price point. You get great value for your money while protecting your family from slipping accidents and floor from scratchy jute fiber.

My Verdict. If you have a thick jute rug, highly consider getting this Mohawk Felt and Rubber dual surface rug pad. It is non slipping and thick enough to provide cushioning to your jute rug.

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Mayshine Basic Felt and Rubber Non Slip Rug Pad

For jute rugs over carpeting, take a closer look at this MAYSHINE Felt and Rubber non slip rug pad. Do not hesitate to get this rug pad, it’s of high quality at a very reasonable price.

It will enable the rug lay flat to stop bunching and keep it securely in place on carpet to prevent slipping.

Main Features

  • Thickness It measures ¼” which adds much needed cushioning and padding to a jute rug. So that you protect your surface from wear and tear due to friction from traffic. It’s not too thick to raise your rug too high to make one trip over it.
  • Non slip The rug pad bottom is made of 100% natural rubber material which will make your rug non slip. Your family and pets will be protected from rug slipping accidents because your rug will not budge an inch.
  • Easy to use. You can easily and quickly cut it to fit your rug size and shape. Just make sure it is a sharp one or simply use a sharp utility knife because of the rubberized bottom. You should also thoroughly vacuum the floor before laying it down for it to adhere better.
  • No creases. It is always shipped folded in a box but quickly lays down flat. Over time the weight of the rug will iron out any creases too.
  • Worth the money. This rug pad is worth every penny you spend on it because it is thick, easy to use and made of high quality materials. It will add life to your jute rug and protect your floors too.

My Verdict: For jute rug owners with carpeting or hardwood floors, do not hesitate getting this Rug Pad Central Felt and Rubber rug pad. It is non-slip and thick enough to make your rug plush.

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FRMMY Non Slip Felt and Silicone Rug Pad 

For homeowners with floors that are sensitive to rubber such as luxury vinyl floors, you will need a no rubber non slip rug pad for your jute. Then this Felt and Silicone rug pad is what you should get.

Main Features

  • Non slip. It is made of a lightweight felt and silicone nubs on either side of the rug pad which makes it stick firmly on the floor and the rug backing. The silicone makes it non-slip and is very safe for all types of floors. It leaves behind no residue and does not stain floors.
  • Thickness. It is a low profile rug pad that will not raise the height of your rug too high. It will not make doors hard to close too. Making it perfect for making your bathroom and kitchen jute rugs non slip.
  • Super easy to cut. You can easily cut it to fit your rugs using scissors for use in different projects in your home.

My Verdict. I highly recommend this rug pad for jute rugs on vinyl plank floors because it does not contain any rubber.

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For you to protect your floors from getting scratches and discoloration from jute rugs. You will need the best rug pad for jute. It must be thick enough to provide cushioning because jute is a heavy fiber and has anti slip features as jute is very slippery especially on slick surfaces.

We highly recommend Mohawk Dual Surface Felt and Rubber Rug Pad. It is thick and has a non slip latex backing. You cannot go wrong with this rug pad for your floors. You will prevent dreaded slipping accidents and protect your floors too.


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