Jute Rug for Dining Room? Is It Good?

You are probably aware that jute rug is durable and will serve you well. But still, you may be wondering, should you get jute rug for dining room? Is jute rug good for dining room?

Because we want your dining room to speak of your style and personality, we recommend that you get jute rug for dining room. First things first, let us tell you why a jute rug is good for your dining room.

Is jute rug good for dining room?

‘Jute is coarse and it may be difficult to pull dining tables in and out. Will it be the best choice for my dining room?’

Well, as your trusted rug-hunting partners- we can assure you that jute rug is the real deal for your dining room, especially if you have kids and pets. How and why?

First, a jute rug is made from strong natural fibers making it durable. So, you don’t have to worry about the rug’s wear and tear from the constant pulling of chairs and the foot traffic in your dining area. However, be sure to rotate your jute rug often to keep it from fraying on the edges where most people walk on. 

A jute rug in your dining room will also add that earthy and casual texture that you so much need in your dining room. And its versatility allows it to match with any décor. 

You will also love a jute rug in your dining room because it is easy to clean. You can wipe off spills and shake off crumbs, which we all know are our unwelcome guests in the dining room.

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Review of jute rug for dining room

nuLOOM Vania Chevron Jute Rug

If you are looking for a beautifully patterned jute rug to spruce up your dining room, you will not go wrong with the nuLOOM Vania Chevron Jute Rug. Its patterned and tightly woven fibers will add that stylish edge to your dining room while still ensuring that your chairs can slide in and out easily. 

You also have various options when you need to clean it. You can spot clean or vacuum it. This rug is also quite durable, even with the constant traffic in your dining room. 

However, most buyers complain that the rug sheds. One review on Amazon reads, ‘this rug sheds more than ten German shepherds.’ Regular vacuuming will help with the shedding. 

You may also hate that the rug may have a grass-like smell on its initial days of use. But after a little airing, your jute rug will smell fresh. 


  • Beautiful pattern
  • Tightly woven
  • Easy to clean
  • The rug is durable 


  • The rug sheds
  • The rug may have a grass-like smell on the first days of use.

Natural Area Rugs – Round Jute Rug, Handmade & Reversible

Adding that unique touch to your dining room may be the thing you need to spice up everyone’s appetite. These Elsinore Collection natural area rugs will do the job. The rugs are round in shape and aren’t too busy for your dining room. 

They also come in various sizes, giving you the freedom to choose the size that suits your dining room needs. It’s also easy to maintain and clean. You can shake off the dirt from the rug, spot clean, or vacuum clean it, and it will be sparkling clean. 

When you think about jute rugs, you may have that image of a coarse rug. So, when you come across a jute rug for a dining table that is soft like this one, you know that you have struck gold.

And lastly, if you want a rug that will stay with you for a couple of years with no signs of aging or fraying, then this is your perfect find. It is built to last with its 100% jute fibers. 

We know you will dislike that this rug sheds a lot. You may have to contend with balls of shed, but some regular vacuuming will reduce the shedding. 


  • Comes in  a variety of size options
  • Round unique style that suits your dining room
  • Built to last
  • Easy to maintain 
  • It’s a relatively soft rug


  • The rug sheds

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Safavieh Natural Fiber Handmade Farmhouse Premium Jute Area Rug

Elevate your dining room with this plush and cozy Safavieh Natural Fiber Jute Area Rug. Its made from a blend of seagrass, jute, and sisal, so you can rest assured that its quality and durability are unmatched. 

Your dining area needs to be comfortable, even on bare feet. This rug will not disappoint as it is softer than other jute rugs. It’s not cashmere-soft, but it has that comfy feel to it. 

Better still, the rug will complement any décor in your dining room due to its neutral look and feel. Vacuuming is also a breeze ensuring that you can always enjoy a clean dining room.

However, these rugs shed, and you may need to regularly vacuum it to keep your dining area free from shed. 


  • Quality and durable rug
  • Softer than other rugs
  • Complements any décor in your dining room
  • Easy to vacuum


  • The rug sheds, so you may need to vacuum it regularly. 

 Classic Jute Solid Handwoven Reversible Ribbed Area Rug

Sometimes, all you need to lighten up your dining room is to introduce simple elegance like the Irongate Classic Jute Area Rug. This brown-shaded hand-woven jute rug will introduce a renewed sense of simplicity and elegance into your dining room. 

Its slip-resistant pattern will ensure no accidents in your dining room. We know that it will be under your dining table, but accidents can still happen, and it’s always wise to prevent than to cure. The reversible accent gives you twice the wear and decorative options. 

The natural jute fibers used in its construction will ensure you have had this rug for quite a long time. But, we promise you won’t get bored of it because of its superior functionality. It’s also easy to clean and maintain. The manufacturer recommends a spot clean only for this rug. 

There are only two things you may dislike about this one-of-a-kind jute rug. It may be a little coarse to bare feet. The rug may also smell for the first days of use, but the smell will soon dissipate if you air it for a few days.


  • Reversible
  • Long-lasting rug
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • It has a good slip-resistant pattern


  • It may be a little coarse to bare feet
  • The rug may smell during the first few days of use.

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If you want to buy an excellent, quality, and durable rug for the dining room, then a jute rug is the way to go. And now, you have no excuse as we have provided all the information and reviews that you need. We hope this guide will bring you closer to your dream jute rug for dining room. 

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