Can You Put A Rug Under Pool Table

Modern life gets busy and you need a place you can revel and have conversations with friends and family- like a game room. If you enjoy a game of pool, then this would be the perfect reason to get a pool table.

But getting your pool table to your game room can be fun but hectic with inadequate planning. Before installing your pool table-plan about the type of flooring your pool table will sit on. After all you don’t want the frustrations that come with an unleveled pool table. And you would hate to keep moving your heavy pool table due to an initial avoidable mistake. 

Amid planning for a pool table, we often get people asking; should you put rug under pool table?

Can You Put a Rug Under Pool Table

Our answer is: absolutely. Now, we have piqued your curiosity and you are probably wondering, why should you put a rug under pool table? 

You should consider putting a rug under pool table as it will hold the pool table in place and protect your flooring. It will also offer a cushion for your feet and falling pool balls and cues. 

Our favorite reason why you should consider a rug under pool table? It will add style and give the entire room a fresh look. And, who wouldn’t love an aesthetically pleasing pool table point in their home? 

Let’s delve deeper into the pros and cons of putting rug under pool table


  • A rug under pool table will protect your floor from scratching and damage. The heavy pool table and tough billiard balls can easily scratch your floor. And in case you want to move your table, doing so under a rug will ensure your floor ends up unscathed. 
  • Putting a rug under pool table is two way. It will also protect Your pool table balls and cues from chipping and cracking in case they fall. 
  • A rug will keep your pool table in place allowing you to play on a level table. 
  • A rug under pool table will provide that padding and cozy feel beneath your feet as you play


  • A rug under pool table will suffer damage since the pool table is heavy.
  • If your rug is new, you may have to wait a few weeks before the padding settles for that level pool table. 
  • It may cause the players to trip if you get a thick rug.
  • Improper selection of the type of rug can cause uneven surfaces around the table. And as a pool player, you know how important a level or even surface is to winning the game. 

As your trusted rug-hunting partners, we don’t want you to contend with the frustrations that accompany improper selections of rugs. So, we take you through what you should consider when buying rug for under your pool table.

You should first consider the size of your pool table, which essentially dictates the size of rug under pool table. We recommend buying a rug that is 3-5 feet longer/wider than your pool table. This allows pool players to place both legs on the rug when playing creating an even playground, which sets them up for success.

You will also need to consider the thickness of the rug. We recommend getting a low or medium pile rug under pool table. The thickness will eliminate the tripping risk while still ensuring you get maximum comfort and enough floor protection. 

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Under the Pool Table Rug Ideas

SAFAVIEH Madison Collection MAD473B Boho ChicArea Rug, 9′ x 12′, Cream / Blue

Do you feel that a stylish and happy rug would be the best addition under your pool table? Then, look no further as the SAFAVIEH Madison Collection Rug offers this and so much more. This rug comes in a variety of vibrant colors that will pop under your pool table and bring that lively atmosphere in the game room. 

Its low pile will ensure that no one trips around the pool table. And if you are worried about comfort on a low pile rug, this one won’t disappoint as it feels soft on your feet. You will also love that its inexpensive despite its quality make and the benefits it will bring into your space. 

SAFAVIEH Madison Collection MAD600C Boho Chic, 9′ x 12′,

Another one of Safavieh’s quality products, this Boho Chic Rug will beautifully enhance the area around your pool table. The rug has a busy pattern of colors, which will create that playful mood in your game room. Its 0.4-inch thick pile will allow you to play without worrying about tripping. 

This rug will also come in a large 9’ × 12’ size, which is perfect for your home sized pool table. And cleaning it is a breeze as you can vacuum or spot clean in case of any stains. 

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SAFAVIEH Madison Collection MAD611B Boho Chic Floral Medallion Trellis Area Rug,

This SAFAVIEH rug is the perfect definition of ‘you get what you ask for’. It’s exactly a 9’ × 12’ size, which will fit your home pool table well and leave out sufficient space for players’ feet. 

You will also love that it has a sleek pile, again ensuring you can play at ease with no tripping hazard risk. Its machine-woven synthetic fibers ensure that you will not be going back to the rug-jungle to hunt for a new rug, because this one is built to last.

And our favorite feature has got to be the fact that this rug is spill-approved. Wipe all those spills from drinking and eating as you enjoy a game of pool using a mild detergent and a carpet brush. If the rug gathers more dirt, you can vacuum it and it will be as good as new. 

ARTISTIC WEAVERS ARTISTIC WEAVERS Janine Vintage Medallion Area Rug, 12′ x 15′, Grey

For those looking for a larger rug that will add that vintage vibe to their game room, the ARTISTIC WEAVERS Area Rug will be your perfect find. It is 12 ft. by 15 ft., big enough to allow both your feet to comfortably perch on the rug while playing. 

The rug features a vintage center medallion style giving your game room that authentic and vintage feel. And you don’t have to worry about its ability to withstand high traffic as its polypropylene fibers ensure its built to last.

However, in the first days after purchase, you may feel frustrated with the edges as they take quite some time to straighten out. This rug also has a foul smell but once you let it breath for a few days, it will be all good.

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We hope this will help you decide whether you need a rug under your pool table. And, if you decide that you do, (which we highly recommend by the way) our rug under pool table ideas will help you in your rug hunting.

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