Outdoor Mats That Don’t Stain Concrete

outdoor mats that don't stain concrete

To find outdoor mats that don’t stain concrete is not going to be a walk in the park. Especially because most outdoor mats are made with a rubber backing to make them non-slip. 

Which means, mats that will not run and stain your patio or front door must have a rubber free backing. In addition, avoid natural fiber doormats such as coir because when they get rained on the dye stains concrete too.

There are several options you can consider available in the market today. You can go for the layered doormat look popular during the fall. It consists of a doormat layered on top of a plaid or striped cotton outdoor rug.

Alternatively, one could settle for rope doormats made from synthetic fibers which do not rot, grow mold, mildew or stain concrete. You can also go for doormats with backing such as polyvinyl chloride or PVC/vinyl. Read on to select what would work best for you.

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  3. Hello welcome mat + buffalo plaid outdoor rug

Review of Outdoor Mats That Don’t Stain Concrete

ANKO PVC Super absorbent  Hello Outdoor Doormat

If you are shopping around for a mat that is not a pain to look at on your entryway, won’t be soggy when it rains or stain your concrete. Then what you should get is this ANKO outdoor doormat made from polyvinyl chloride(pvc) with a mesh backing of the same material.

It is effective in cleaning off dirt, mud and snow from shoes. And the mesh backing makes it anti slip on concrete and allows for water to drain through when it rains. The embossed sign also does not fade due to outdoor weather- long lasting.

Cleaning and maintenance is also easy by vacuuming, swiping off or shaking it off. It is perfect for the layering look too. The material is durable and this doormat can last the harshest of winters without disintegrating. We highly recommend it.

Rockport Rope Doormats

For those looking for a doormat that is quick drying, without a rubber backing and yet classy looking too, the Rockport Rope doormats are for you. It is a flat braided hand woven rope that is soft on your feet and thick too.

Made from synthetic fibers which do not rot, grow mold or mildew either.In addition, this doormat is quick drying and will turn your front porch into a swamp when it rains. Best of all it is stabilized for UV rays and therefore will not start fading under outdoor elements.

We cannot recommend the rockport rope doormats enough. They are made of high quality durable material. Super easy to clean by machine washing in warm water, very classy looking and will not stain your concrete too. Best of all it is available in all the colors you can think of- 30 colors in total so you will not miss the one you prefer for sure!

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Hello Welcome mat + Buffalo Plaid Layered Rug

If you are into aesthetics as much as we do, this duo will light up your eyes. And to avoid going down the rabbit hole that is Amazon, we settled on this super cute set

The doormat is made of polypropylene with a rubber backing which you then layer on the rug which is made from cotton/ polyester.It is also easy to clean the duo, for the rug you can simply machine wash in cold water with mild detergent. And for the doormat you can shake off dirt or hose it down.

Consider this set if you are going for the farmhouse look for your entryway. It is not only stylish, but easy to clean. In addition,you can use the combination elsewhere in your home.

Washable Woven Outdoor Rugs for Layered Doormats

We have added this particular outdoor rug for those who would like to purchase it separately and pair it with their prefered doormat. It is thicker than the regular cotton and its colors are crisp and defined well.

Using it on your front porch will easily elevate its appearance and get those compliments we all love our guests showering on us. And when it gets dirty you can throw it in the washer and come out not frayed or with lost backing.

This woven outdoor rug for layered doormats makes a great present for a friend too. It is not only well made, but easy to clean and super stylish for the front door. Best of all it is a look you can use almost anywhere in your home from the laundry room to the kitchen.

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Outdoor mats that don’t stain concrete are not easy to come by. And a search on these online streets can quickly take you into a rabbit hole. That is why we did the heavy lifting of scouring the internet for you.

We strongly recommend rockport rope doormats if you want a quick drying, easy to maintain doormat that will not rot, grow mold or mildew. They are made from synthetic fibers and are soft on the feet too.

Alternatively you can opt for the layered outdoor doormats look. This will allow you to place a doormat with a rubber backing on concrete without worrying about it getting stained when it rains.


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