Jute Rug On Laminate Floor: Is it safe?

is a jute rug safe for laminate floors

Jute rugs are extremely popular because they are cheap and easy to maintain. However, if you have laminate flooring and are wondering whether a jute rug could damage it, we have the answer for you.

Jute rugs are made of natural fiber material and you will need to protect your floors from getting damaged. This is because jute is a scratchy  material which is definitely not safe on laminate floors because it will slowly discolor and scratch your floors.

However, you can easily protect your floors by getting a rug pad for jute rugs. This will add much needed padding and protection. 

Why Jute Rugs are not safe on Laminate Floors

Jute is extremely slippery.

Jute rugs are very slippery especially on slick surfaces like laminate flooring. Which exposes your family and pets to slipping accidents.

They shed a lot.

It is common to find jute fibers under jute rugs because they shed a whole lot, which is extremely annoying but a rug pad can easily save you the trouble of always cleaning off the fibers.

Their backing scratches laminate floors.

Because jute rugs are made from jute which is a natural fiber which is not very smooth, the backing scratches laminate floors especially on high traffic areas. 

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How to protect laminate flooring from jute rug damage

Using a Rug Pad

You can choose to polish your floors and get a rug pad to protect your floors from jute backing damage. The only rug pad which we strongly recommend for jute rugs is the Mayshine Home Dual Surface Felt and Latex Rug Pad. Because it is thick enough to support the weight of jute rugs. In addition, it is a non slip rug pad that will help prevent rug slipping accidents.

 Main Features

  • Keeps jute rugs firmly in place
  • It is very good quality especially for the inexpensive price it comes at
  • The backing is safe for laminate floors it is made of a safe felt and rubber material
  • The thickness is perfect to provide cushioning like your walking on clouds at ¼”
  • It is very easy to trim and resize to fit your rug size and shape.
  • It does not smell of chemicals at all
  • It is cheap yet high quality at the same time


Why a rug pad for jute rugs on laminate floors?

Protect your laminate floors.

Rug pads protect your floors from discoloration from jute and scratching due to traffic. Investing in a good quality rug pad will save you much more money than new laminate floors.

Extend the life of your jute rug.

Although jute is an extremely durable material, if you do not have some protective padding underneath it will wear out pretty quickly.

Prevent slipping accidents.

A non slip rug pad which under jute rugs on laminate floors will protect all your family members including pets from dreadful slipping accidents.

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Prevent mold and mildew

Jute is not a waterproof material and if you have jute rugs on laminate floors in the kitchen or bathroom they are bound to get water spilled on them. The result will be awful mold and mildew which ends up destroying your rug and floor

Contain fiber dirt

A rug pad will collect all the shedding and stray jute fibers. You will only have to dust it outside rather than cleaning the whole room often.

FAQs on Jute Rugs on Laminate Flooring 

What to use for rugs on laminate flooring to stop slipping 

Laminate flooring is very slippery and rugs tend to slip a lot on them. The best way to prevent rugs from slipping and sliding on laminate floors is to get a quality non slip rug pad or carpet tape that will not ruin your laminate floors.

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Laminate Discoloration under Rug 

Most rugs will definitely discolor your laminate flooring over time due to sunlight exposure and  due to chemicals reaction on the backing of the rugs with your floor. That is why we recommend having a rug pad under your area rugs for laminate floors to protect your expensive floors.

Doormats Suitable for Laminate flooring

If you are looking for doormats suitable for laminate flooring , consider doormats which trap dirt and water with soft rubber backing such as this M+ A  Commercial Grade Entrance Waterhog Mat


It is unfortunate but jute rugs are made of jute fiber which is a natural material and it will definitely ruin your hardwood / laminate floors if you do not have some protecting padding underneath for your hardwood floors.

Jute will scratch and discolor your hardwood floors due to friction and exposure to sunlight. We strongly recommend you get a non slip rug pad  to provide padding from slipping and scratching your expensive floors.


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