Can You Put A Jute Rug in Bedroom

A great and unique bedroom rug ties the room together, creating a cozy ambience in the most intimate part of your home. And what better way to create your dream ambience than adding jute rug in bedroom? 

A jute rug in bedroom will add style and strength to your space. Its natural tonal hues will ensure it matches with the already existing décor. So, if you are the type that changes up your beddings often, you are safe with jute rug in bedroom. 

And if you haven’t gotten a jute rug before, read on to know why jute rug is good for bedroom. You will also learn about jute rugs in bedroom ideas to make your shopping seamless.

Can You Put Jute Rug in the Bedroom

You can put jute rug in the bedroom irrespective of the décor and furniture. It will spruce up your bedroom and add that comfortable pad for your feet to land in the morning. And if you are looking to add that earthy look and bring some natural texture in your space, pair up your jute rug with wood furniture. 

You can also put jute rug in the bedroom to protect your floors. And the best part? A jute rug in the bedroom will allow you to change up colors! We all love to spice up our bedrooms, changing our beddings and adding a little color here and there. 

But, we know how quickly this can go downhill with the wrong rug, leaving your bedroom in chaos. A jute rug in bedroom takes off this worry. It’s a neutral rug so you don’t have to worry about decorating the room around the colors of your rug. 

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Is Jute Good for the Bedroom

Our undisputed answer? Jute rug is good for the bedroom. Let’s find out why and what you may not like about it.


  • Jute rugs are made to last especially now that you will place them in your bedroom- a low traffic area.
  • They are versatile rugs. Whether you prefer a contemporary look or a vintage vibe in your bedroom, the jute rug will be up to task with its neutral natural hue.
  • Jute rugs will allow you to enjoy the benefits of a soundproof rug. 
  • Jute rugs trap dust particles allowing you to live in a low allergy environment
  • These rugs are easy to clean and maintain. You only need to regularly vacuum your jute rug and in case of any stains, use dry cleaning powder and a soft bristle brush to clear it up. 


  • Jute rugs may be coarse on feet. You can get jute rugs that are soft but they might not be wool-soft jute rugs. 
  • These rugs shed a lot leaving with the hard task of cleaning up loads of shed.

In case you are looking for jute rug in bedroom ideas, read on.

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Jute Rug in Bedroom Ideas

Irongate Classic Jute Reversible Ribbed Jute Area Rug

If you are all about simplicity and style in your bedroom, then you will love this Irongate Jute Area Rug. It’s neutral and natural color will perfectly suit any décor you have in your bedroom. 

Since reversible rugs are a favorite, you will instantly fall in love with this rug. It’s safe for use on both sides giving you twice the wear and decorative options. Cleaning it will also be a breeze, as the manufacturers recommend spot cleaning only.

If you are worried about the feel beneath your feet, that’s no cause for alarm. This jute rug is not wool-soft but it’s also not scratchy. It meets you in the middle giving you that tolerable-softness and cushiony feel under your feet. 

On the downside however, you may find that this rug has an earthy smell (which is expected for most natural fiber rugs) in its initial days.

Safavieh Natural Fiber Border Jute Area Rug, 8′ x 10′, Grey/Ivory

If your bedroom has a lot of pattern going on but you are hesitant about going for a plain jute rug, then go for the Safavieh NF883B Handmade Border Jute Area Rug. It features an intricate geometric pattern with a white border line that will make your bedroom an epitome of style and elegance whether you have a hardwood or tiled floor. 

You will also love that this rug is built to last. It also features a backing ensuring that the headache, which comes with jute rugs shedding, is history.

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Safavieh Palm Beach Collection PAB351A Sisal & Jute Area Rug

Do you feel that your bedroom could look and feel so much better with a patterned jute rug? Well, the Safavieh Palm Beach Sisal and Jute Area Rug will be the perfect addition. It features a traditional and geometric woven pattern advancing that classy yet rustic look to your bedroom. Not to mention its neutral color which will blend in with any of your room’s décor.

Better still, we can trust any Safavieh rug with durability and this one is no different. We assure you that it will rarely wear of tear. Instead, you are the one likely to feel the need to change it. 

And if your pets get access to your bedroom, you don’t have to worry about them scratching and tearing up this sisal and jute rug. 

The only downsides worth mentioning are its price and coarseness. It is a bit rough on bare-feet but you wont even notice it with your bedroom shoes on. Its also a little bit pricier than other rugs. But, hey! You get value for money and that’s all that matters.

nuLOOM Area Rug, 2′ 6″ x 10′, Natural

This beautifully made nuLOOM Area Rug would look great and add that relaxation vibe to your bedroom.  It has a great and unique texture not to mention the neutral color that blends with any décor and furniture in your bedroom. 

The rug also comes at a friendly price too. So you don’t have to break a bank for this jute rug for your bedroom. 

However, if rugs that shed drive you crazy, then this rug may greatly disappoint you. You can however cope by regularly vacuuming the rug to prevent fibers tracking all over your house when you step on the rug. 

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Whether you are going for that traditional or conventional look, you bedroom will never go out of style with a jute rug. And, you are sure to get a top pick from our jute rug in bedroom ideas. You can let us know your favorite so far.

Most importantly, consider the size of the rug, its thickness and ease of maintenance before arriving at the final purchase decision. After all, you don’t want the frustration that comes with a jute rug for bedroom that either too small or too big. 

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