Does a Jute Rug Require a Pad?

does a jute rug require a pad

Jute rugs are a favorite for most homeowners because they are cheap, durable and require little to no maintenance. However, if you have recently purchased a jute rug and are wondering whether you require a rug pad for it, this article will address all your concerns.

Well a jute rug definitely does require a rug pad underneath it. This is because jute is very slippery especially on slick surfaces so you need a non-slip pad to prevent slipping accidents. In addition jute is very scratchy and overtime due to friction it scratches floors- you need to protect it! 

Getting a rug pad for your jute rug is the smart choice because it will protect you from slipping off your floors and damaging your expensive hardwood flooring. Although rug pads do not come cheap, it is better to be safe than sorry. 

Why a Jute Rug Requires a Pad

Let’s take a deep dive into why you must have a rug pad underneath a jute rug.

Prevent Slipping Accidents

Jute rugs are very slippery especially on slick surfaces such as tiles, polished hardwood  and vinyl floors.

If you want to protect your family members and pets from dangerous slipping accidents due to rugs, a non slip rug pad underneath your jute rug is what you need.

What’s more is that, if you do not have some padding underneath a jute rug you will find your rug out of place from where you placed it. And then the rug fails to serve its purpose. This will happen in a high traffic area such as your entryway. You need to be safe and not sorry.

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Protect Your Floors

If you use jute rugs overtime on your floors without a rug pad you will find that they will scratch your floors. This is because jute rugs are very scratchy especially when used in high traffic areas such as your living room.

In addition to scratches, you will find your hardwood floor will discolor. This will call for some polishing which does not come cheap.

You would rather spend under $100 to purchase a rug pad than spend hundreds more to polish your hardwood floors. Having a rug pad for your jute rug will save you money!

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Keep Your Floors Clean

What you will soon learn once you purchase your jute rug is that it will shed a whole lot. This means you will find a lot of dirt underneath and in the area around it.

This means you need to do some sweeping more often. To save you the hassle , you can purchase a rug pad to put underneath which you only need to remove and dust outside as all the shedding will be stored on it. 

Prevent Mold and Mildew

Jute is not a waterproof material naturally and if it is used in areas which are prone to water spilling or dampness it will soon grow mold. And some molds can be dangerous to your health.

And if you have concrete flooring in your basement or living area a rug pad underneath a jute rug is a must have because concrete seeps in water. Then you will find yourself back shopping for another jute rug while the solution was purchasing a rug pad which is resistant to mold and mildew.

Make sure you get one especially if you have a jute rug in your kitchen or bathroom area.

Increase the Rugs Life Span 

Jute is a natural fiber and is very durable. However, if you do not give extra care to it , it might not outlast its first year.

So, if you want your jute rug to serve you for several years and not lose its beauty quickly then you need a rug pad for it. Otherwise, overtime due to slipping and scratching the rug on the floor without a pad underneath it wears out fast.

But if you put some padding underneath it, you create some cushion which will protect it from wear and tear due to constant friction.

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There you have it my fellow home owners, essential reasons why a jute rug requires a pad. The safety of your family comes first and that rug pad is the protection from a hospital visit if you slip and injure yourself.

The rug pad will make sure your jute rug will stop slipping off your laminate floors, keep our floors clean and increase its lifespan.

You do not want to go back to the store after only using your rug for 2 months do you? The solution is a rug pad for your jute rug.

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