Which is Better: 6 lb Carpet Pad Vs 8lb Carpet Pad?

6lb Carpet Pad Vs 8lb Carpet Pad

When choosing a carpet pad for the subfloor, two popular options usually come about; 6lb carpet and the 8lb carpet pads. The right carpet pad holds your carpet well and prolongs its longevity. In comparing the 6lb. carpet vs. 8lb. carpet pad, the critical factor is the needs at hand. The 8lb. carpet padding is … Read more

Can Gorilla Glue Be Used On Carpet?

gorilla glue for carpet

Gorilla Glue is arguably one of the best adhesives to stick the carpet on a subfloor. Gorilla glue is a tough, solid quick-drying adhesive that forms strong bonds when applied on the surfaces.  It’s not only carpets that gorilla glue works best. It can also apply to many other household projects, including fixes and building … Read more

Best Doormat for Wood Deck in 2023

Best doormat for wood deck

If you are looking for the best doormat for wood deck that will not grow mold, mildew or stain your deck then we have you covered. What you must avoid are doormats made from natural fiber materials such as jute or coir doormats because they get soggy when it rains and retain water underneath. In … Read more

5 Best Doormat For Pool Area in 2023

Best doormat for pool area

The search for the best doormat for pool area can quickly get frustrating. This is because the market is flooded with doormats and choosing the one suitable for your pool area can be a challenge. Thankfully, we have done the heavy lifting and scavenged for you doormats that will not only add to the aesthetic … Read more

Can You Put A Jute Rug in Bedroom

jute rug in bedroom

A great and unique bedroom rug ties the room together, creating a cozy ambience in the most intimate part of your home. And what better way to create your dream ambience than adding jute rug in bedroom?  A jute rug in bedroom will add style and strength to your space. Its natural tonal hues will … Read more

Best Flooring for Non Temperature Controlled Areas

Flooring for Non Temperature Controlled Areas

As you choose your flooring, temperature becomes one of the factors that you must put into consideration. But, there are certain spaces where temperature naturally fluctuates and isn’t controlled.  Do we have flooring for non-temperature controlled area? Definitely, floorings come in different makes, materials, and style. Therefore, you can get flooring that’s suited for areas … Read more