Discontinued Harmonics Flooring

Harmonics laminate flooring was an exclusive product carried by Costco but now it’s discontinued. Harmonics flooring came in different styles including the Camden Oak, Sunset Acacia, Savannah Hickory, and the Mill Creek Maple. 

You may not get this flooring at Costco but Harmonics Floors have indicated on their website that you can buy the flooring at the original pricing by contacting the Harmonics Customer Service. This might mean that they still have the old stock of the same flooring for interested customers. 

So, if you are thinking to extend your project with the Harmonics flooring, we’re to help you with ideas on the next move. Don’t fret, read on. 

Discontinued Harmonics Flooring: What Should You Do? 

For some reason, manufacturers tend to discontinue certain product lines in order to embark on new better ones. That’s what happened to the Harmonics flooring carried by Costco. 

One cause for the discontinuation is probably to update their collections to the contemporary styles and trends. Another reason could be that the products are not selling well. So they want to bring another product that can sell fast and bring in the returns. 

While this shows the vision and ambition of the brand, it might also inconvenience customers of the previous flooring. 

So, in any case a customer’s Harmonics flooring gets damaged and they want to do a replacement, it becomes a toll order. They may end up redesigning the entire floor if they don’t get the original planks. 

However, if you had the discontinued Harmonics flooring, this is what you should do:

  • Get to know the original details of your flooring. These might include things like manufacturer’s name, color of the flooring, and model number. 
  • As indicated by the Harmonics Floors on their website, contact the Harmonics Customer Service team. Even though they haven’t listed the flooring as one of the products on the offering, they probably have the old stock in their warehouse. 
  • You can also try to search online to find out if some distributors or retailers still have some in their stock. You will be surprised some have the exact product you need. 
  • Search other selling platforms like the Craigslist, eBay, among others. Sometimes people may have posted the extra boxes they bought and don’t want to use on those platforms. 
  • Make sure to save a few extra boxes if you finally secure them. When you need them again, it will be easy to continue your project rather than the hustle of purchasing new ones from the market. 

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What Should You Do If You Don’t Find the Discontinued Harmonics Flooring? 

Sometimes you are up and on the go everywhere trying to find a few boxes of the Harmonics flooring without success. If you don’t get them, here’s what you can do:

  • Pull out some flooring from small closets or extra room. These may be areas that cannot be noticed in your house. Use the planks to repair the damaged main flooring. This way, you’ve preserved your visible living space. 

Now, with the disassembled areas, you can use other complementary flooring to cover the spots. There is no problem since it won’t be noticeable. 

  • Ensure you find a complementing flooring to replace the damaged one. For the best results, it’s better to contact the services of professionals. They’ll help you get the correct flooring to combine with the older flooring without too much clashing. 

Some of the recommendations you’ll be given include using grey floor in an adjacent room next to a living space with white-colored flooring. Normally, the would ask you to mail them a swatch of your flooring and they send you samples of what they think could work best with your current flooring. 

  • Be mindful of the dimensions of the new flooring you want to acquire. So, you want to have the correct width, length, and thickness of the planks. 
  • Don’t mind fixing the entire floor with another set of flooring. This is the ideal solution if the current floor has been in place for a long period of time. 

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How to Install Harmonics Laminate flooring? 

If you can still get some Harmonics laminate flooring, that’d be good of a replacement flooring to carpets. Harmonics flooring are the perfect remodeling option for any home. 

But how is the flooring installed? Generally, installing Harmonics laminate flooring is straightforward. There are two ways in which the flooring can be installed depending on the version of the flooring. 

You have the glued-down option of the flooring that you have to stick down on the subfloor using a good adhesive. This might take a bit of your time. 

Then, on the other hand, you have the effortless click-lock system of tongue and groove interconnections that readily snap together for a quick, effortless installation job. This is also referred to as the floating floor. 

With that being said, don’t forget to lay a moisture barrier. Moisture barriers help prevent moisture from coming through the subfloor and damaging your harmonics flooring. 

Before you undertake the installation process, make sure you acclimate your flooring to your space conditions. You don’t want to see it getting destroyed thanks to the elements in your house. 

Also, remember that Harmonics floorboards are designed with a plasticized surface that’s extremely vulnerable to chipping. Always be careful to cut the boards from the back. 

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What Are the Alternative Flooring Brands to Harmonics Flooring? 

If Harmonics flooring is discontinued, it doesn’t mean you can’t get high-quality flooring out there. There are tons of brands that make spectacular flooring products every day. 

But choosing the right brand to buy flooring from requires a bit of work on your side. It’s important to know how long the manufacturer has stayed in the business, if the manufacturing processes are sustainable, the product types they make and if they can meet your needs, and if their products come in styles that would improve your home. 

Great brands offer flooring products that have excellent durability, affordable and yet exceed your expectations, unique designs, and the best customer services such as warranty. 

Let’s review some of them right next for your benefit. 

Shaw Flooring 

Having stayed in this business for over 70 years, Shaw Flooring has proved to be a reliable flooring manufacturer. It’s among the most popular brands in the world in this industry. 

The company makes vinyl flooring, laminate flooring, hardwood floors, carpets, and tiles. The brand has its products carried by various distributors such as Express Flooring, Costco, Arizona, among others. 

Shaw Flooring offers flooring products in a wide collection of styles, patterns, color, and designs that many homeowners have found attractive to try out. 

Their floors are stain-resistant and feature exclusive finishes for durability and class. They also produce laminate and vinyl plank flooring with locking grooves that are secure. 

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Armstrong Flooring 

You’ve probably heard about the famous Armstrong and Bruce and Robbins. These brands produce high-end luxury vinyl-sheet and vinyl-tile flooring. 

The brands serve both residential and commercial consumers courtesy of their industry-standard quality flooring products. Armstrong flooring has introduced an innovation dubbed Diamond 10 recently. 

With this technology, the new luxury vinyl flooring is designed to ensure the heavy beating of serious foot traffic, especially in very busy environments such as commercial settings. 

Other than luxury vinyl-sheet and vinyl-tile flooring, Armstrong also makes Eco-flooring for sustainability, linoleum flooring good for insulation, hardwood flooring, laminate flooring, and vinyl composition tile. These flooring types are mostly for commercial applications. 

The brand also makes residential flooring like solid hardwood, Vivero luxury vinyl flooring, vinyl sheet, and Alterna engineered tile. 


Pergo is another well-known flooring brand in the flooring industry. It has specialized in the manufacture of various flooring types including hardwood flooring and laminate flooring. 

Actually, Pergo invented the laminate flooring in 1977. That’s why it’s popularly known for the toughest laminate floors in current market. That’s also to say that if you want laminate flooring that you can trust in terms of quality and durability, then get the Pergo laminate flooring. 


Masland flooring comes on the forefront of producing environmentally-friendly flooring products. The brand does a number of things to ensure their goal of environmental conservation is achieved. These things include:

  • Eliminate waste in their manufacturing processes 
  • Recycle scrape metal, plastic, carpet fibers, and cardboard 
  • Participate in the green initiatives 

Some of the flooring Masland manufactures are fine wool runners and carpets, luxury vinyl plank flooring and vinyl tile flooring, and nylon carpets. 

All Masland products have a guarantee of LEED certification. Their floorings are tested for harmful chemicals and have been proved safe. 

Masland provides a two-year warranty for its products. If there’s any manufacturing defects, Masland will cover the costs of repair or replacement. 

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Mannington floorings come in various types. Whether you want vinyl flooring, laminate flooring, porcelain tile, or hardwood floor, Mannington does make them available in all the flooring categories. 

Mannington’s line of products is loved for beauty, durability, performance, and amazing designs. When it comes to innovation, Mannington’s Adura Luxury line that includes high-quality vinyl tile and planks is on another level. 

Moreover, Mannington is also producing better laminate floors that are soft and warm, easy to maintain, elegant, scratch-resistant, and affordable. 

And just like Masland, this brand also focuses on environmental sustainability – which is why it offers green products with environmental benefits.  

You can also get high-quality carpet options from Mannington. It offers the contemporary and aesthetic modular and broadloom carpets for both residential and commercial purposes. 

All Mannington flooring products come in tons of colors, designs, and construction versions that are not only attractive but also valuable. 

FAQ on Discontinued Harmonics Flooring

Does Costco still carry harmonics flooring? 

Costco doesn’t carry harmonics flooring. The flooring was discontinued. Therefore, you cannot get the product from Costco unless you contact Harmonics Flooring on their website. 

Can you mix different brands of flooring? 

When the main flooring in your space is discontinued and you can’t find it anywhere else, you can try mixing different brands that complement one another. Just find the perfect design and color and try to match to your existing flooring. 

Where can find discontinued flooring? 

You can always search online for similar flooring. You can find a certain retailer or distributor still selling the old stock. Also, try out scouring the Craigslist, or Angie’s List for homeowners that are selling their extra boxes. 

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Final Thoughts

It’s not uncommon for a product to be discontinued. Harmonics flooring has done the same for its laminate product line of flooring. 

If you are looking to repair your floor with the Harmonics flooring, you might need to go an extra mile and contact the manufacturer. Alternatively, you may search online to find if there’s a retailer still selling the old stock. 

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