Are Polypropylene Rugs Safe for Vinyl Floors? Answers

are polypropylene rugs safe for vinyl floors

Polypropylene rugs are popular in the market because they are cheap and durable. However for homeowners with vinyl floors you must be aware of the strict no rubber or latex backed rugs for your floors

Now you are wondering, are polypropylene rugs safe for vinyl floors too? Polypropylene in and of themselves will not harm vinyl flooring the issue comes with the rug backing and most have a rubber backing which is definitely NOT SAFE to use on vinyl floors.

This is because vinyl floors are made from petroleum based materials mixed with PVC additives such as fillers and plasticizers. When the chemicals rub off on the backing of polypropylene rugs due to friction from traffic or exposure to UV rays, they cause discoloration to vinyl floors and also release toxins into the air affecting its quality greatly.

Why are rubber backed polypropylene rugs not safe for vinyl floors?

Icky Sticky Mess

This is because when the chemicals added to give vinyl floors the beautiful finish such as sheen and hardness finish react with chemicals in the rubber they cause a sticky mess, which usually happens after about 3-4 weeks of having them on your floors.

Ugly Patterns

What’s more, if you choose to use latex or felt rug pads on your vinyl floors they will soon leave an UGLY waffle pattern on your NEW EXPENSIVE floors. And no cleaner will get those out, nothing will work not even Bona floor cleaner.


Lastly, overtime polypropylene backed rugs will overtime discolor your vinyl floors due to exposure to UV rays. So what do you have to do? This means you have to be very particular when shopping for area rugs for your vinyl floors.

And it is very frustrating because finding rugs which are safe for vinyl floors is an UPHILL task. Thankfully, there are options available for you to enjoy beautiful polypropylene rugs on your vinyl floors by ensuring the backing won’t ruin your floors.

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What rugs and rug pads are safe for vinyl floors?

Well, the good news is you do not have to throw away your current area rugs or start missing your carpet and tile. You can still get polypropylene rugs are the most common rugs in the market because they are affordable, weather resistant and easy to maintain. You only have to make sure they will be safe for your vinyl floors

  1. If they have cotton backed backing then they are safe for your floors.
  2. On the other hand if you love the rug and the backing is rubber or latex you must get an anchor grip rug pad to place underneath the rug to protect your rugs.

Check out some of the recommendations which are safe to use on vinyl floors.

Cotton backed area rugs

A good option to consider are polypropylene rugs with cotton backing and Unique Loom have the best i the market today.

They have a variety of beautiful rugs for your home which look so stylish, high quality and the price is frankly inexpensive. The cotton backing is safe to use on vinyl floors because they will not react to cause discoloration or staining.

Anchor grip rug pads for vinyl floors

The only rug pad which is safe for your vinyl floors is one with zero rubber or PVC Anchor grip rug pads are made with zero rubber instead they use soybean oil and bio fillers to make your rug non slip.

These will not react with the petroleum products and chemicals used to make your vinyl floors. These are great to use under your area rugs in your living room or dining. 

Reversible and washable cotton rugs

As for your bathroom you can consider using reversible and washable cotton rugs. These are the best alternative to shaggy bathroom rugs, doormats and bath mats which have rubber backing to make them non slip.

These cotton rugs are sot, absorbent and just the right size to use in a bathroom or in front of the kitchen sink. They come in a pack of two which means you will always have a clean rug to use while the other is in the laundry.

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FAQs on polypropylene rugs on vinyl floors

Are Polypropylene rugs toxic to humans?

Polypropylene rugs are made of petroleum by products and other additives. These chemicals are not bound to the rugs and they can seep through into the environment through friction or exposure to sunlight.

In turn, they are harmful and pose health risks to humans and pets alike. They can cause headaches, dizziness or nausea.

Is PVC safe for vinyl floors?

PVC rug pads are definitely not safe to use on vinyl floors because the compounds used are not bound to it.

Therefore there are chances of chemical reactions occurring between vinyl floors and the softeners in PVC rug pads. This leads to discoloration and staining to your expensive floors.

Do rubber mat stain vinyl floors?

According to manufacturer’s synthetic rubber mats will definitely stain your vinyl floors over time. 

This is because the plasticizers, fillers and stabilizers used in making vinyl floors will react with the rubber causing a chemical reaction and the by product is discoloration of your vinyl floors.

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Are rugs with rubber or polyester on vinyl flooring?

If you have vinyl flooring in your home, rugs with  rubber or polyester backing are not safe to use on your floors. This is because of the chemical reactions which can occur between rubber and additives  in vinyl floors.


People who have vinyl floors installed had no idea how difficult it would be to find area rugs for your vinyl floors. Most get the strict rug restriction by the installer once they are done with the installation.

Naturally, you would think the people doing the installation have rugs to go with the flooring but that is not the case. You must hunt for rugs without a rubber or latex backing that won’t stain your vinyl floors.

As much as polypropylene rugs are safe for vinyl floors, the backing must be rubber free, using it will end up messing your floors. Consider getting an anchor grip rug pad for your vinyl floors or rugs with cotton backing.





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